What are the characteristics of an Administrative Tribunal?

The following are the few characteristics of the administrative tribunals which make them quite disparate from the ordinary courts:

  • Administrative tribunals must have a statutory origin, i.e. they must be created by any statute.
  • They must have some features of the ordinary courts, but not all.
  • An administrative tribunal performs the quasi-judicial and judicial functions and is bound to act judicially in every circumstance.
  • They do not adhere to strict rules of evidence and procedure.
  • Administrative tribunals are independent and not subject to any administrative interference in the discharge of judicial or quasi-judicial functions.
  • In procedural matters, an administrative tribunal possesses the powers of a court to summon witnesses, administer oaths and to compel the production of documents, etc.
  • These tribunals are bound to abide by the principle of natural justice.
  • A fair, open and impartial act is the indispensable requisite of the administrative tribunals.
  • The prerogative writs of certiorari and prohibition are available against the decisions of administrative tribunals.

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