What is Article 239B?

Article 239B of the Indian Constitution deals with the power of administrators to promulgate Ordinances during recess of Legislature. The article contains the following provisions:

  •  If at any time, except when the Legislature of the Union territory of Pondicherry is in session, the administrator thereof is satisfied that circumstances exist which render it necessary for him to take immediate action, he may promulgate such Ordinances as the circumstances appear to him to require. 
  • An Ordinance promulgated under this article in pursuance of instructions from the President shall be deemed to be an Act of the Legislature of the Union territory which has been duly enacted. 
  • Every such Ordinance, 
    • shall be laid before the Legislature of the Union territory and shall cease to operate at the expiration of six weeks from the reassembly of the legislature or if, before the expiration of that period, a resolution disapproving it is passed by the Legislature, upon the passing of the resolution; and
    • may be withdrawn at any time by the administrator after obtaining instructions from the President on that behalf. 

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