What are Polygons?

  • A Polygon is a closed figure made up of lines segments (not curves) in two-dimensions.
  • A minimum of three line segments are required for making a closed figure, thus a polygon with a minimum of three sides is known as Triangle.


Classification of Triangles

In our article on  Geometric Shapes, we discussed the polygons with the least number of sides – the Triangle. In this section, we will go through different types of triangles.

Triangles based on sides

  • Equilateral triangle – Having all sides equal.
  • Isosceles triangle – Having any 2 sides equal.
  • Scalene triangle – All 3 unequal sides.

Triangle-Based on Angle

  • Acute angled Triangle– Each angle is less than 900
  • Right Angled Triangle– Any one angle is 900
  • Obtuse Angled Triangle– Any one angle is greater than 900

An Activity:

  • Draw different triangles of any dimensions using squares and measuring scales.
  • Measure the length of the sides and note them down.
  • You will observe that the sum of any 2 sides of the triangle is Always Greater than the 3rd side.
An interesting fact about Triangle:

  • Sum of all the angles of the triangle is always equal to \(180^{\circ}\) (straight angle)


A Quadrilateral is a polygon having the number of sides equal to four.

Quadrilateral & its Types

The table below gives the comparison of Opposite sides, angles, and diagonals of different Quadrilateral.

Quadrilateral       Opposite Sides All sides Equal Opposite angles equal Diagonal
Parallel Equal Equal Perpendicular




(Only one side)


Polygon: A general comparison

Polygon No. of Sides No. of Diagonal No. of vertices Interior Angle
Triangle 3 0 3 60
Quadrilateral 4 2 4 90
Pentagon 5 5 5 108
Hexagon 6 9 6 120
Heptagon 7 14 7 128.571
Octagon 8 20 8 135
Nonagon 9 27 9 140
Decagon 10 35 10 144
Hendecagon 11 44 11 147.273
Dodecagon 12 54 12 150
Triskaidecagon 13 65 13 158.308
Tetrakaidecagon 14 77 14 154.286
Pentadecagon 15 90 15 156

Three Dimensional Shape (3-D shape)

3-D shapes

  • These are the shapes that can be projected on a piece of paper but cannot be drawn on a paper. These shapes are known as solids.
2-D shape (Polygon) 3-D Shape
Edge Edge
Vertices Vertices
  • 3-D shapes have Faces as the distinguishing Feature.

Cube: Face-Edge-Vertex

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Practise This Question

Which figure given below is a closed curve as well as a polygon?

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