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Attempting NEET Biology In 45 Minutes

More than 11-14 lakh medical aspirants sit for NEET every year. This annually conducted exam is considered to be the toughest entrance tests to crack given the competitiveness and the increasing interest of students in the healthcare profession. Now that NEET has emerged as the single, one-tier national level entrance tests for almost all medical programmes, the standards to crack NEET have gone up notches higher.

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Attempting Biology section of NEET 2023 in 45 minutes

If you are a NEET 2023 aspirant, by now you must be well acquainted with the pattern of the NEET question paper. NEET assesses students’ knowledge of 3 subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Biology for a duration of 3 hours and 20 minutes. A little over 1 minute for 1 question (total number of questions are 200, out of which 180 must be answered). Out of these, 100 questions (90 to be attempted) are asked in Biology (Botany +Zoology) while the remaining 100 are equally divided between Physics and Chemistry.

As we see, a total of 360 marks are allotted to the Biology section alone. Since the test is predominantly for Biology enthusiasts, cracking 90 questions in 45 minutes is no child’s play. Before getting to the question of the article, let us first understand the wise distribution of 200 minutes.

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How to divide time between subjects of NEET?

If we take into consideration all metrics of the paper and subjects, time can be allocated like so –

Section Time to be allotted Brief
Physics 1 hour Physics is deemed to be the most time-consuming and challenging sections for most NEET aspirants. It requires computations, calculations for 80-90% questions, for which a considerable amount of time is certainly required
Chemistry 1 hour or lesser Given the previous trends, Chemistry relatively consumes lesser time. One must try to attempt the paper in 50-55 minutes. Set this as a target. In case, the Chemistry section that year turns out to be challenging, allocate not more than 1 hour to this section
Biology 45-50 minutes Biology has concept-based, direct questions. Some questions require matching, some reasoning, some assertion. All in all, this section must be dealt with in less than 45 minutes. Look and target at 39-40 minutes at the most
OMR Sheet bubbling 20-25 minutes This activity requires your attention, as 1 wrong move and you can mess the response up, even if you had landed with the correct answer. Students often bubble in this time bracket

Consequently, students usually order their preference as Biology, Chemistry and then Physics section to save time. The easiest pick usually is Biology. This is the only section where more questions are attempted in lesser time.

Next, the chemistry section involves both conceptual and numerical based questions. Familiarity with concepts and formulae would make this section a cakewalk for you. Lastly, Physics is considered to be a lengthier section and hence mostly features last in the order. This is because students refrain from spending time finding accurate answers.

The preparation strategy of every student differs depending on their preference and strong sections. Feel free to adjust as per convenience.

How To Crack NEET Biology in 45 minutes?

The one and only answer to this question is practice. Simple and straightforward, no fillers, no shortcuts. To be able to crack those 90 questions in a span of 45 minutes and less is definitely something that only a well-practised hand can manage to do.

Additionally, referring to the right resource is equally important. So, what is the right book/resource for NEET Biology? Hands down, NCERT. Time and again, students are conveyed about the importance and role of NCERT in NEET.

Just to give an idea to all those attempting the paper for the first time, questions are framed from any line of the NCERT textbooks. Questions may or may not repeat from the previous years, but the content and context of the questions are more or less the same. If the topic is important, questions are framed differently, but around the same topic. Or the other way of asking would be framing questions from a line of NCERT while twisting the options. At the crux of it, NCERT is the base that must be thoroughly understood, with no alternatives.

Then, how does one go about practising when NCERT is well understood? You can start solving previous years’ papers. Practising as mentioned, is most critical to cracking the biology section in 45 minutes. A big part of this is solving sample papers, NEET question papers and taking mock tests. These activities ensure you solve more questions in less time.

Hope you found this article on attempting NEET Biology in 45 minutes useful. Check other such articles on NEET, at BYJU’S.


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