How Do I Crack NEET 2020 By Self-study?

NEET or National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is the single national level exam conducted every year by NTA (National Testing Agency). The test has emerged as the only medical entrance exam required for qualification to seek admissions across medical institutes in the country for different medical programmes. Thus, scrapping multiple entrance tests that were carried out earlier, thereby maintaining uniformity, transparency at all levels, rendering equal opportunities for candidates belonging to different categories.

NEET 2020 anticipates the participation of nearly 16 lakh enthusiastic medical aspirants. The competition is fiercer than ever. Preparing for NEET is a game of confidence at its core. Not only are candidates studying at home anxious about covering the entire syllabus, but they are also constantly required to be self-motivated and achieve set goals. To accomplish this, one must be dedicated and sincere in the approach and devise a full-proof strategy.

Willpower and dedication are two important factors to crack NEET, especially when one is into self-studies.

1. Strictly follow a time table – formulating a timetable is the first and foremost step when it comes to any exam. It is an effective document stating your plan of action for the upcoming days before exams.

2. Target plan – devise a plan. Aim at achieving set targets on a daily basis. Ensure you study for 12-14 hours at least. Most importantly, set realistic goals so that confidence is not lost.

3. Get acquainted with NEET – NEET is an objective question-based test. Students who have taken charge of clearing exams on their own must be completely aware of the syllabus, format of the paper, marking scheme, weightage of all chapters, important concepts, and other such critical factors. Taking printouts of the same is always suggested

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4. Know your books – one must know which book to study from as mere studying for hours together would not be as fruitful. NCERT must be the first book you master completely. There are no two ways about it. Once that is mastered, you can move to refer to coaching material which is nothing but extensions of NCERT, as questions are tricky and difficult to understand.

5. Aim at gaining conceptual clarity – while learning topics, one must target at understanding topics. For this, one can seek assistance from experts/teachers/seniors or even resort to online assistance. Prioritize this step.

6. Solve more and more MCQs – ensure to solve at least 150-200 questions every day. Solve NEET previous years’ question papers. You can refer to the books available, collating previous years’ papers from the past 20 years, assembled topic wise, chapter wise.

7. Take up mock tests to self analyze your performance, identify weak areas, work on strengthening them.

8. Prepare notes – ensure your notes are crisp and concise. It is always better to frame your own notes, indicating highlights, important labellings, mapping concepts, use of mnemonics, and more such hacks to make learning easier and interesting.

9. Practice – students must practice more and more questions exhaustively and master the art of solving MCQs within a minute. Understanding to tackle MCQs in the most effective way comes only with revisions and practice.

10. Staying self-motivated – do not waste time. Remember, you are monitored by none, you are your own mentor. Ingrain in your mind that it is possible to crack NEET with self-studies, it has been done in the past and it can be achieved by you too. Having an undying spirit is the key.

11. Never be complacent – do not be steered by the fact that you know questions as you have been consistently getting good scores in mock tests. Overconfidence can ruin it all for you. Always have a quest to learn more, and be a better version of yourself. There is a possibility of learning something new every day. Work on weaker areas and attempt to solve the paper in less time. Time management is the most important and deciding factor in NEET.

In addition to all this, one must also focus on well-being. Taking stipulated breaks, adequate sleep, and a healthy diet must be prioritized. These were some steps you can follow to crack NEET 2020 by self-studying. Hope these were helpful. For more such information, check out other articles on NEET at BYJU’S.

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