• Start collecting the right study materials

This is the most important step that you need to take before starting with your NEET preparations. To excel in any task, you need the right source materials which aid you along with the preparation. There are hundreds of NEET books and study materials available on the internet and the market. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are collecting the standard author books. Seek help from your seniors and lecturers at school which eases this process.

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  • Keep yourself updated about the exam

The NTA (National Testing Agency) releases the NEET pattern and syllabus prior to the examination. Visit the official NEET website every once in a while to get the latest updates about the exam so that you can get a clear picture of it.

  • Read related articles and blogs

Apart from the official NEET website, you can refer to other websites that provide the latest information about NEET. You can stay curious and develop more interest in NEET by learning about what’s happening in the Medical world.

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  • Achieve small targets every day

Preparing for NEET is not a herculean task but it requires constant effort from your end. NEET preparation is not a 100-meter sprint but rather a long marathon where you need to consistently put your best foot forward. Instead of worrying about the huge NEET syllabus, keep small targets for yourself every day such as completing 3 pages or 2 topics. Try to achieve these small targets to stay motivated.

  • Start with NCERT books

NCERT books provide the foundation and base for your NEET preparation. Before studying any other reference books or tuition study materials, make sure you are thorough with your NCERT books. Studying NCERT books help you to understand the basic concepts in a way for you to solve complex NEET questions.

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