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Is Crash Course Enough For NEET?

No, certainly not enough to crack NEET with a good score/rank. Crash courses are extremely helpful, but they must be backed with foolproof preparation.

What is crash course? – you may ask. A crash course is a short term course that students typically enrol for when an exam is just around the corner. The main purpose of such crash courses is to provide an overview, outline the entire course in a relatively lesser span of time, keeping in mind the time constraints.

One should take up a crash course after gaining conceptual clarity. A complete idea of the course should be attained. Then to brush up and in case something important is missed out, crash courses are beneficial and come par your expectation.

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NEET crash course helps students who are required to summarize the NEET syllabus if a regular course is missed. It is the most efficient way to prepare for NEET in a shorter duration.

A crash course is summarised into a short term program, thereby discussing the complete syllabus, highlighting important topics, requiring extra attention, tricks and shortcuts to tackle problems, study material with the most important and relevant content, dedicated sessions solving a diverse set of questions, collating important questions from at least 20 previous years’ question papers and much more to offer. These prove to be extremely beneficial, especially in the last few days before the exam, a quick brush-up!

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What To Look For While Choosing A Centre For NEET Crash Course?

It is a matter of great responsibility to trust an institute with one’s future. When it comes to enrolling for a NEET crash course, the inhibitions are no different. Hence, we list down a few features to look out for while choosing a crash course offered by an institute

  • Know the faculty – before taking up a crash course, carefully review the faculty. Seek advice, research about the institute from prior experience, testimonials of students who had already enrolled before
  • Study material offered – check the quality of the material offered. Observe what they offer to cover in that short duration. If it is lucrative enough, grab the opportunity. NEET syllabus must be covered
  • A good track record – success rate offered by the centre must be high. Look out for that. It is a good indicator if it has a proven track record
  • Support – assistance must be available round the clock. A dedicated team to answer queries should be a priority too

In addition to the above, one must carefully review the course offered. It must be robust, carefully structured covering NEET syllabus within the stipulated time. Enough revisions, mock tests, question-solving sessions, assessment, performance analysis and remedial classes if need be, must be offered.

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Who Should Take Up NEET Crash Course?

Crash course for students would be recommended at that stage when a student has mastered NEET syllabus and has completed preparation. NEET crash courses are helpful to build confidence and are excellent for exposure. They are effective for last-minute grilling to your already robust preparation. It helps students to touch upon concepts of the syllabus for a swift round of revision, boosting confidence all the more.

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Crash courses help to skim through the theory, delivering exactly what is required and in the remaining part, more and more objective questions are solved.

A NEET crash course is ideally taken up by those who have hardly any time left for, as part of the last-minute rush. But, it becomes very challenging both for the faculty and the attendee to crack NEET this way. This is because most candidates appearing for NEET are backed by at least a year or two’s preparation. Most candidates start preparing for NEET well in advance. Hence, if one aims at securing a good NEET rank, it is always advised to start preparing in advance. Crash courses must be a last resort or to be taken up after complete preparation just to get insights into one’s preparation.

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