NEET 2022 Preparation - One-year Approach For A Dropper Without Coaching

There are no two ways about the challenges one can face on the path to successfully qualify for medical programmes. Often, dropping out is termed as a process, and not looked at as an event, with factors compounding and building with time. This article is to prepare and help premedical students for the road ahead.

Medical programmes are akin to a roller coaster, dragging you through the lowest of lows and highest of highs. However, one can rest assured that these challenges seem almost atomic in front of the gigantic role offered after clearing NEET and turning into healthcare professionals. This corresponds to share and take over the responsibilities of constantly looking after the health, the well-being of the society/country.

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Some Reasons Why Students Opt Dropping A Year

  • Scores incompetent to secure a seat in medical colleges
  • Lack of preparation – academically unprepared
  • Unhappy with the allotted college
  • Expensive coaching fee
  • Unclear and ambiguity with career choices
  • Personal conflicts

Nevertheless, on the brighter side, there are more benefits to dropping out. One of the biggest advantages of resitting for NEET is that a student gets ample time, which can be solely dedicated to preparing for NEET.

So, what next then? How do I kick-start my preparation and ensure success by self-studies in my next attempt at NEET?

The article provides answers to just this question. Students planning to appear for NEET 2022, by opting to drop a year and mainly indulge in self-studies can follow this simple one-year strategy and emerge victorious at NEET 2022. Know exactly how.

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The Best One-year Strategy For NEET 2022 Without Coaching For Repeaters – Points To Note and Remember

It is natural to feel overwhelmed initially with the decision of dropping out, given preparation for the toughest medical entrance test in the country does not come easy. Facing a few pitfalls due to the inability of achieving the desired results is a more common phenomenon. However, the decisive factor can be your attitude towards this setback answered with a soaring comeback.

Here is your strategy for yet another shot at NEET 2022 with self-studies:

1. Analyze Previous Performance

The first and foremost step to be taken is a thorough analysis of your previous performance. Evaluate your execution and jot down where you went wrong. Whether it was inadequate time, guesswork, lack of conceptual clarity/knowledge, incompetent levels of speed and accuracy or any other factor. Make note of all things that caused the failure. If self-analysis does not suffice, go ahead and get a mentor/tutor/lecturer to assess your performance. These key areas should be assessed for improvement, looked into and worked upon thoroughly at your next attempt.

2. Set a timetable

Frame a realistic timetable. In the first few months, aim at completing learning/understanding all chapters under NEET Syllabus and focus on gaining conceptual clarity. Even if this is your second/third attempt, relearn chapters, give it a fresh start. Look at these chapters from a different lens, it is possible you would have missed out on key points which required to be looked at differently.

Include daily/weekly/monthly assessments and strive to strengthen and build upon concepts in the first few months. Allocate the next few months solely to revisions and marathon practice sessions.

3. Devote time to gain transparency with concepts

One of the prime reasons for fewer scores is a lack of sound knowledge of concepts, as NEET also tests the application skills of students. Be as clear as possible with all the concepts. A strong foundation of concepts can change the game for you. Once basics take shape, studying underlying topics no longer seems like a tedious task. This makes room for understanding advanced topics better and hence, the ability to solve complex questions.

One must heavily rely on NCERT for the same. 75-80% question paper is directly or indirectly based on NCERT content. Do not miss out on mastering the concepts of NCERT.

4. Key to success – Self-study

Believe it or not, the prowess that comes along with self-studying is impeccable and empowering. The common streak amongst all qualifying candidates and toppers comes from the knack of self-studying. Dedicate at least 2-3 hours per day to each subject. Remember, self-studies are mounted on discipline and willpower.

5. Effective Revision and Rigorous Practice

These two factors are almost synonymous with NEET or any competitive exam, for that matter. Your studying to revising/practising ratio should be 1:4, respectively. If studying for 10 minutes, revise or practice for 40 minutes. The best and assuring way to do this is by solving previous years’ papers and taking up mock tests. In addition to providing information about important/recurring questions, it also acquaints one with the typology/format of questions that can be expected, thereby increasing chances of succeeding this time around. Question papers for NEET are the best preparation resources.

Practising also eliminates possibilities of any doubts on topics and also boosts confidence in students. Revise, practise and repeat should be your mantra.

6. Seek assistance and get your doubts cleared

Even if you plan to continue self-studies, sometimes we just do not get to wrap our heads around some complex concepts. Do not hesitate to ask for help to get all your doubts cleared. You can take the help of video tutorials, illustrations and even online assistance for the same.

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7. Staying self-motivated

Staying motivated almost comes second nature to aspirants who have signed up for self-studying. When it comes to self-studying, especially, persistence is important. However, in some cases, complete dedication to a goal for one year may not be easy, it has its own phases. You may ask your acquaintances to mentor you and keep a check on you. If that is not an option, we have tons of apps that can be used for mentoring. Use them.

Hope you found this article helpful. For more self-help articles, visit NEET BYJU’S.

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Frequently Asked Questions on NEET Preparation for repeaters without coaching

Can a dropper prepare for NEET in one year without coaching?

Yes, certainly. Not only a repeater/dropper or a fresher, generally anyone for that matter can prepare for NEET without having to sign up for coaching. However, self-studying demands a lot of discipline, dedication and self-motivation. One must stay consistent with preparation and be driven. Adapt smart tactics and work hard by following a strict study plan. With all this in place and the right amount of confidence to crack NEET, one can certainly ace NEET.

Can NEET be cleared with one year’s preparation?

That depends on how dedicated and willing you are to secure a seat in a medical college, completely depends on your drive. One must be ready to dedicate a certain amount of time each day to over the NEET syllabus and continue with marathon revisions, the rigorous practice of previous years’ papers, taking up mock tests and periodically assessing performance.

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