Pros and Cons of Dropping a year for NEET Preparation

Drop a year

Are you going to appear for medical entrance exams (AIPMT, AIIMS and other medical entrance exams) and you are not confident about your chances?

Or you did not study well for the entrance exam because of your Boards examinations?

This post will try to go through the reasoning of dropping out a year to prepare for AIPMT.

It’s ok!Medical entrance exams are possibly one of the toughest achievements to unlock.

Medical entrance examinations are in all probability the toughest to clear due to the high rivalry and a vast curriculum.

Physics and Chemistry also distress many scholars, plummeting any chances their success.

Should Scholars drop a year to prepare again?

The feeling of “I want to be a doctor” is generally very strong in many individuals leading to the conclusion of dropping a year for preparation. The numbers of students dropping a year to study again for AIPMT are a lot more than those in engineering entrance examinations.

Nevertheless, let’s see what could be some plus and negative points of dropping a year to prepare for AIPMT.


  • Scholars will get one entire year which they can dedicate to educate them for their medical entrance examination and actually cover up the huge AIPMT Syllabus.
  • If students took the choice early, they hopefully gave their board exams without too much stress and thus might possibly do well in entrance examinations as well.
  • A whole of lot scholars reappear for medical entrance examinations as usually there are more than one re-attempt permitted so you will have a good community to help out.
  • Scholars will by then have a very good background and context on concepts.
  • The applicant will be a doctor at the culmination of this route, the most honorable (arguable) occupation of our world.


  • Students miss out on one year when matched to their buddies who would have started college.
  • It is not as easy as it to say. A year of self-study involves a lot of commitment, self-restraint, and inspiration.
  • As they have dropped a year, the stress for succeeding in the next examination will be much greater.

How to decide if you require dropping a year?

Mentioned above are some broad thoughts and reasons, and it’s most likely that one might have dissimilar motives. So grab a paper anytime you are in confusion and make a table with pros in one column and cons in one column. Now start noting down your motives which can as unpretentious as “Mom will keep scolding every day.” Whichever column has considerably more points will be your verdict.

Stick this sheet on your door if you choose to drop as it can be a source of inspiration year long.

Studying with college

You can enroll in an alternate program degree and study along with university which will give you a backup choice. It is even better for medical entrance examinations because you can re-attempt the examination multiple times. This will decrease the burden on you to accomplish the task at hand but on the other hand, may be a source of disturbance, similar to school. This is where your willpower and self-restraint will play a part again.

Whatsoever be your choice, drop for a year or not, stick to it with complete conviction devoid of any doubts. Good Luck!

P.S. The AIPMT Admit Cards will be accessible from 7th of April! Stay Tuned!

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