NEET Coaching Centres in Tamil Nadu

The Tamil Nadu government has planned to set up 500 free NEET coaching centers across the state. The government will also be releasing 50,000 questions prepared by experts to help medical aspirants excel in competitive entrance exams like NEET.

The government of Tamil Nadu has planned to set up the new NEET coaching centers by the end of October 2017. All students will be given identity cards to use in these 500 new free NEET training centers.

The Educational Minister of Tamil Nadu, Mr. Sengottaiyan stated that well-qualified teachers trained with various teaching methods will be employed in these NEET training centers. He said that they will provide teachers who are qualified and capable of providing the aspirants with all the essential requirements. They will also implement other methods of effective learning like video lessons and tutorials.

The Tamil Nadu government will also be releasing 50,000 questions for aspirants preparing for NEET. The questions will be prepared by medical experts to help students score good marks in medical entrance exams like NEET.

According to the Educational Minister of Tamil Nadu, the questions are planned to be released in phases from the end of October 2017. The Educational Minister said that they will release 1000 to 2000 questions each week, which will allow students and teachers to prepare these questions at a time. Releasing questions paper weekly will help students as well as teachers as it would give them enough time to tackle a set of questions at a time and prepare accordingly.

Medical aspirants should work hard and be well-prepared to score well in the exam. Stay tuned with BYJU’S to get the latest news and notification on the NEET exam.

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