NEET Preparation Tips for Class 11 Students

NEET is one of the prestigious exams conducted for all the Medical aspirants in the country. This year alone 15, 97,433 participants had registered for the exam. By looking at this huge number, one can understand that stiff competition exists and it is not an easy task to clear NEET with good marks. The best way to do so is to start your preparations as early as possible. In this article, we will be explaining the importance of starting your NEET preparations in 11th grade.

  • Strengthen your basics

NCERT books will be your main source of NEET preparation. 11th std NCERT books give you the introduction to all the chapters and cover most of the basic concepts. Therefore, pay more attention when your lecturers are teaching and write down the important points. By doing so, learning and understanding the 12th std syllabus becomes much easier.

  • Start early

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, lakhs of students appear for NEET every year but only a few manage to grab a place in their dream Medical college. If you want to be one among them then start your preparations at the earliest. Right after your 10th board exams would be a good time to start NEET preparations. But, if that’s not possible, at least start your preparations from 11th std, which would give you more time to cover the entire syllabus at your own pace and revise.

  • Practise and Revise everyday

Revision is the key to ace this exam. Revise every day until you get perfect at it. Mark all your weak areas and the complicated topics and spend more time getting better at it. Revision helps you to remember the topics that you have learnt. Make sure to do enough revisions before the exam, so that you don’t forget anything on the exam day.

  • Make notes

Along with revision, making notes is one of the most important parts of your NEET preparation. Making notes will help you to remember whatever you have learnt and self analyze your strong and weak points.

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  • Do not compare your progress with peers

Preparing for NEET is a challenging task and it requires you to be more focused and dedicated. During the process, students usually try to compare their study progress with others to check whether they are ahead in the game. Try to avoid these impulses as comparing will add a lot of pressure and ultimately you will end up distracting yourself. Remember that everyone has their own study methods and strategies. Do not compare your study techniques or progress with anyone else.

  • Maintain a healthy routine

Maintain a healthy diet and get enough exercise so that you can stay active throughout the day. Do not neglect your health and well being at any cost. Take regular intervals during your exam preparation and exercise for 15-20 minutes every day. Practise meditation or yoga to boost your concentration and mental health.

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  1. It’s really such great advice to the NEET aspirants. Thank you Byju’s and I’ll definitely follow these strategies that were mentioned above. At last thanks a lot.

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