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Online Preparation For NEET

Every stream of study these days requires students to sit for an entrance test, given the increasing interest of students in varied educational domains. In addition to enabling students to seek admissions to their desired colleges, competitive entrance tests also help one assess their knowledge and determine their position in the crowd.


NEET, as is, offers high competitiveness. Let us understand some statistics – the number of seats across the country for different fields of medicine is not more than 1.5 lakhs, while the number of applicants for the same is 10 folds more. Nearly 15-16 lakh candidates participate in NEET every year. Also, now that NEET has successfully replaced AIIMS, JIPMER and multiple state-level tests, it allows a level playing field.

In view of combating the cut-throat competition, some students prefer opting for offline options in the name of coaching. A rough estimate of the element called ‘time’ invested on offline coaching when carried out only makes one realise that the same time can be devoted to NEET preparation and used productively. Time otherwise would be spent on commuting, wasted in traffic jams, and then finally till the time classes begin after the availability of mentors. Furthermore, the fatigue and chaos and lack of personalized attention are other factors that can be ascribed. The only effective and efficient way out is online preparation for NEET.

Online learning has revolutionized learning breaking various educational barriers. Be it self-studies or online coaching for NEET, learning through this mode is in the wake of digitalization, which only has benefits to offer. The best part is one can avail all these facilities at the convenience and luxury of one’s home. Students, via online learning, get access to quality education imparted by seasoned professionals. In addition, personalized content can be put across much more efficiently.

On one hand, where online learning brings quality education home, it also ensures to project learning in the most engaging manner. Visualizing concepts, gamified learning, riddles and puzzles, end-of-chapter exercises and activities, etc promises to hold the attention of students and convey information in the best possible approach.

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Benefits of Online Preparation for NEET – What Are The Advantages Of Preparing Online for NEET

Online preparation for NEET has empowered candidates to reap the most with little efforts. Some merits of studying online for NEET are as listed below:

1. Personalized learning

The best and most important merit of online preparation for NEET offers one-to-one sessions and the complete attention of their mentors. What better than complete attention to a student, catering and tailored to their capabilities and grasping power.

2. Ease of Accessibility

Now anyone can get mentored for NEET as technology and the reach of the internet knows no barriers. Earlier, with the traditional classroom setup, only those candidates found access to coaching centres who were in proximity. With e-learning, aspirants from the remotest areas can get access to quality education and connect with top faculty of India for entrance test preparation. You now do not need to move to that big city to get coached. Online classes go with the mantra, anywhere, anytime.

3. Does not cost an arm and leg

Are you aware of the fee structure of these coaching institutes? It is certainly not as economical as online preparations are. NEET preparation is cost-effective through the online mode given the value for the study material accessibility, option of recorded classes, 24*7 support facility and many other perks. Furthermore, the registration fee for such courses is way more inexpensive than the offline mode.

4. Prepare at your own pace

Another huge advantage is the option of studying at one’s own pace. It is a known fact that every student has a different attention span and grasping capabilities. Often, students find it difficult to keep up with the pace of their teachers at coaching centres. With online sessions, you are spared from this. This ensures students that they are covering concepts just as they should be, with productive and judicious use of time.

Additionally, many online coaching schemes are so designed that it allows students to pick time slots, as per their schedule and convenience. So, you prepare for topics with your study planner in execution, at your own pace, while getting mentored by experts at economical rates whilst saving commute-time. Isn’t it a win-win situation all the way?

5. Ditch the traditional study resources

Referring to textbooks can be a tedious task if it is crunch time, since these books have so much to offer. At this point, possessing knowledge of what is important and what is not is extremely pivotal to save time.

With revolutionization, study material for NEET has also been upgraded. Say bye to the traditional textbooks. Expert academic faculty for NEET collate the best set of study material, enriching students with concise and crisp information, just what is important and required to be known from the exam point of view.

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6. Flipped learning

Teachers render study material, put across concepts with material to be reviewed by students. But online learning provides options in the form of recorded lectures, video illustrations. The conventional approach is overturned with flipped learning. It is a pedagogical approach where the movement of instruction shifts from group learning to individual learning space providing a dynamic, interactive learning environment. Focus is on the learner-centred approach. Online sessions follow this principle widely.

7. Peer-interaction across the platform

In addition to experienced mentors, online learning throws open a huge platform connecting students with various capabilities across places to connect and share their tips, tricks and experiences and hence encouraging peer-learning.

8. Practice sessions and immediate analysis report

Offline classes may not provide as many mock tests as they claim, but online classes do so. Conducting tests online, along with a personalized analysis of performance is less cumbersome online and this is what students look for to assess their preparedness.

These were some benefits of preparing online for NEET. Visit BYJU’S for more related information.

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