Top 5 Ways To Deal With Anxiety During NEET Preparation

Do you go blank during exams? Does your mind freeze, lost in thoughts – “can I really crack NEET?” Does your heart beat faster, do you find breathing harder during exams? This is anxiety and is a commonly observed aspect especially during exams. However, a study reads that there is a likelihood of fewer students to suffer from this exam-phobia than others. Why does this happen and how to combat this anxiety to settle your nerves?

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Exam anxiety is a commonly observed phenomena where a student experiences jitters or an intense fear/panic during and/or before taking an examination. While it is natural to feel anxious and a little anxiety can help better perform, too much stress and anxiety can be distressing, thereby hindering performance. Striking a balance is vital.


This article enlightens students about 5 ways through which one can deal with anxiety during NEET preparation, the day before NEET, and anxiety in the exam hall, during the exam. Follow these, keep them under check and put your best foot forward. Read on:

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Dealing With Anxiety During The Run-up To NEET – 5 Tips

  • Spend ample time on marathon revision sessions. Do not compromise on your revisions at all.
  • Revise effectively and shift focus on essential materials. Stay active around instead of merely sitting and reading for hours together.
  • Seek assistance from your tutor/mentor/lecturer for any doubts. Always stay in a zone where all concepts are clear.
  • Talk it out to your family and friends about any distractions, worries (if you are facing) instead of bottling things up.
  • Eat well, eat healthily. Your brain needs fuel to work. Indulge in some meditation, exercise and relaxation to take your mind off studying for some time, if worrying is consuming the best of you.

Dealing With Anxiety A Day Before NEET – 5 Tips

Awareness about the feeling of anxiety is for students to understand the nature of their anxiety to help them cope more effectively with the upcoming test. Here are 5 ways which can help you deal with anxiety, just a day/night before NEET.

  • A good tip would be to learn a relaxation technique well in advance which can be used just a day before NEET. One such technique is mindfulness. With this, students attempt to shift focus at the present while also accepting and acknowledging their thoughts, actions and anxious feelings calmly.
  • Avoid working too close to NEET, which corresponds to saying avoid staying up late at night before NEET or even avoid waking up too early the next morning. Sleep is more important than those few hours of revision.
  • Humour can relieve stress to a greater extent. Watch/read something that tickles your funny bones.
  • Thorough, fool-proof preparation gives enough confidence and keeps all anxiousness and worry at bay. Make sure you have prepared well. Check if you have kept all the required documents ready, picked the clothes for the day and packed all essentials. Also, reach the venue much before the exam time.
  • Ensure you have had your meal. Lack of nutrition can cause irritability and hinder performance. Opt for food offering a steady stream of nutrients, rather than a sugar high followed by a crash.

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Dealing With Anxiety During NEET – 5 Tips

  • Feeling anxious in the exam hall is the most natural feeling. Take a few deep breaths.
  • Read the instructions provided in the booklet carefully. Thoroughly go through questions, highlighting key points and the options before making a choice.
  • If you feel like answering the easier questions will help you relax, go for it. Find some questions you can ace to build up your confidence and gain momentum, hence get the ball rolling.
  • If you start feeling jittery, drink some water. Close your eyes for a few seconds and shake it off. Release your arms, tilt your neck from side to side and get back to solving the paper.
  • If you are still facing high anxiety, inform your invigilator of the same and excuse yourself under their supervision for a minute, step outside, take some fresh air. This might calm your unsettling nerves.

To conclude, anxiety and stress can be dealt with. Training your brain beforehand is key. Learn and indulge in some good relaxation techniques, understand the reason for your anxiety to tackle it and prepare well for NEET. 85-90% of your worry subsides with a preparation par excellence. Get to know more about other interesting NEET write-ups, at BYJU’S.

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