Factorise: 2x^2+2x-364

2x2+2x-364=0 Taking 2 as a common factor we get, x2+x-182=0 x2 - 13x + 14x - 182=0 x(x-13) + 14(x-13)=0 (x+14) (x-13)=0 (x+14) (x-13) are... View Article

What is pseudopodia?

Pseudopodia are temporary projections of the cell membrane of eukaryotic cells. It means that it is not a fixed structure. A temporary arm like... View Article

What is thermodynamics?

The branch of science that deals with the relationship between heat, work, and change of state from one form to another is called thermodynamics.... View Article

What is v=u+at?

v=u+at is the first equation of motion. In this v=u+at equation, u is initial velocity v is the final velocity a is acceleration t is... View Article