Is IBPS Bank Exam A Good Career Option For Engineers?

Can I Apply For IBPS Bank Exam After Engineering

This article deals with some reasons whether IBPS is a good option after engineering or not.

Is the Banking Sector a good job option for an Engineer? This is the most frequently asked question nowadays. Bank jobs hold an excellent reputation in our country, and lakhs of people appear for the same every year.

IBPS or the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection is one of the reputed organizations that conduct Bank Exams every year.

Becoming a graduate in Engineering does not only mean the selected branches like CS, IT or ECE. If a student pursued the Mechanical or Civil stream, then they might be willing to join a core company, but if it does not happen, then they can have a choice of appearing for IBPS Exams.

Why are Bank Jobs considered a good career option for Engineers?

Following are some reasons that show that the Banking Sector is a good career option after the completion of the Engineering degree:

  • Introduction to new technologies: The Banking sector has evolved in years. With the advancement in technology, the banking sector is also keeping pace with the changes. As an engineer, you need to be up to date with the new technologies. Therefore, IBPS is a good career option after completing an Engineering degree.
  • Gives job security: All of us are aware that the IT companies are non-government. On the other hand, getting a job in the government-owned core companies is very difficult, and as the IBPS banks come under Public Sector, there is a guarantee that the employees will not be fired. It is better since the jobs under IBPS exams provide job security.
  • Growth of the individual: The main aim of working in a company is to achieve greater heights. Working in an IT or any other non-government company takes years to reach the level of Manager. Still, in the IBPS Bank jobs, the growth rate of an individual is relatively high as it takes a couple of years for an individual to become a Manager.

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  • Work Pressure: It is an essential aspect as everything depends on how much time we spend in our office and carry out the work given to us. The work pressure is relatively more in the privately-owned companies as compared to the Banks. People often believe in a myth stating that bank jobs are quite hectic, but it is not true, as the work pressure remains constant throughout the year except towards the year-end.
  • Salary and other privileges: As all of us are aware that the employees working in the public sector are handsomely paid as well as the people working in the Banking Sector get accommodation facilities for themselves and their families. There are leaves provided to the employees, and they enjoy many allowances, unlike the other private companies.
  • Job Timings: The employees working in the Private Companies face the woes of timings. The work pressure may or may not be that much, but they need to stay at least for a minimum of 8-9 hours a day at the office. On the other hand, the employees working in banks have fixed timings and less working hours as compared to the people working in IT companies.

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  • Having a Secure Future: There is one more thing that every one of us is worried about, that is what we are going to do after our retirement. The answer lies here, as banks under IBPS come in Public Sector. Thus they provide pensions. Therefore, this is the main point where the IT and other Private companies lag behind.

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Hence, by all these points mentioned above, it shows that the Banking Sector or applying for the IBPS exam is a much better option for Engineers who aren’t interested in the core background.

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