CBSE Class 8 Civics Chapter 9 Public Facilities Important Questions

Chapter 9 of CBSE Class 8 Civics uses water as the primary example to discuss public facilities. It is important that the student understand quite clearly what is meant by the idea of public facilities and why the government needs to play a crucial role in their provision and, therefore, take overall responsibility. The idea of equity, or the equal availability, affordability and quality of water for all, is one of the key issues related to public facilities that is highlighted in the chapter. CBSE Class 8 Civics Chapter 9 Public Facilities Important Questions also help students to master the concepts of the Chapter.

Students can access the PDF link given below to download the CBSE Class 8 Civics Important Questions of Chapter 9.

Download CBSE Class 8 Civics Chapter 9 Public Facilities Important Questions PDF

Public Facilities

1. Write a paragraph describing the water supply situation in your area.

2. Why does water flow in a trickle in summer in most places in India? Find out.

3. Is there a general shortage of water for everyone in Chennai? Can you think of two reasons why different people get varying amounts of water? Discuss.

4. Where does the government get money for public facilities?

5. What are public facilities? Why should the government be responsible for providing public facilities?

6. Why do you think the government must assume the overall responsibility for public facilities even when it gets private companies to do part of the job?

7. What is the minimum rate for municipal water in your area? Does the rate increase as the use of water increases? Why do you think the government charges a higher rate for greater use of water?

8. Describe Public Water Supply in Porto Alegre.

9. Do you think it is also important to conserve resources like water and electricity and to use more public transport?

10. Do you think that lack of access to proper sanitation facilities affects peoples’ lives? How?

11. Why do you think that the lack of proper sanitation would impact women and girls more acutely?

12. Why do you think there are so few cases of private water supply in the world?

13. Do you think water in Chennai is available to and affordable by all? Discuss.

14. Why are most of the private hospitals and private schools located in major cities and not in towns or rural areas?

15. Do you think the distribution of public facilities in our country is adequate and fair? Give an example of your own to explain.

16. Data on some of the public facilities are collected as part of the Census. Discuss with your teacher when and how the Census is conducted.

17. Private educational institutions – schools, colleges, universities, technical and vocational training institutes are coming up in our country in a big way. On the other hand, educational institutes run by the government are becoming relatively less important. What do you think would be the impact of this? Discuss.

18. What is Universal access?

19. From where does the government get money for public facilities?

20. What was the comment given by the United Nations in 2000 concerning water?

21. What is Healthcare an example of ?
(a) Public Facilities
(b) Right to Education
(c) Career
(d) Crime

22. ______ of the following is water related disease. 
(a) Plague
(b) Eye flu
(c) Cholera
(d) All the above

23. __ carries the responsibility of providing public facility to the people.
(a) Government
(b) Public
(c) Private organisation
(d) None of the above


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