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8 Tips to Help Relax In the UPSC Examination Hall

8 Brilliant Tips to Relax In the UPSC Examination Hall


Exams are always hard, especially when it comes to the UPSC Exam. As you reach the UPSC Examination center, you may get all nervous and keep wondering whether everything will be alright or not.

Tips to Relax in UPSC Exam Hall




Be Punctual

It is advisable to reach the examination center 20 or 30 minutes earlier. This will ensure that you have enough time to revise and that all the requisite documents such as identity cards are in order.


2. Stay Organized



Stay Organized

Make sure, you are carrying all the requisites to the examination hall, such as extra pens. Candidates are always advised to carry an extra. Never carry your mobile phone or any other gadgets as it is not allowed in the examination hall and chances are there you may lose them in the process.

Documents required for UPSC Exam

3. Stay Relaxed



Stay Relaxed

As you enter the examination hall, take a deep breath and keep your mind and body relaxed. Try to recollect all the revision points .  If you feel you have forgotten some points then don’t panic as there is a chance of remembering things once you begin to write the exam.

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4. Planning




Once you receive the question paper, carefully read the questions. After reading the questions, plan your time and start writing. Mark the questions to which you are absolutely sure you know the answer to and attempt them first, as this builds up your confidence. If you do not know the answer to a particular question then do not waste time on it as this will become a barricade in attempting other questions, hence it is advised to move on to other questions.

Divide your time, structure it, and then execute answer writing.

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5. Pay Attention



Pay Attention

Always pay attention to self. Do not worry about others, don’t get interrupted by your peers, and don’t panic if you notice other writing hastily. Take your time, mind your time and don’t hurry.

UPSC 2021
6. Be realistic



Be Realistic

Plan to write realistically in the time you have been allotted, and know the amount of information and complexity you have got time for. Make sure to answer long and concise at the same yet complete instead of writing something generally and incomplete.

7. Prepare for disasters



Prepare for disasters

If you can’t answer any particular question or realize that you misread the question and answered incorrectly, don’t go totally blank and panic. Rewrite the answer and within a bracket mention (that you have realized the error and tried to correct it) as this may make the person whoever marks your paper sympathetic.

8. Cross Check



Cross Check

Last but not least, save the last 10-15 minutes to check all your answers before submitting, cross-check your answers there may be chances that you would have left some points in your answers which you can add.

These are some of the tips that you can follow in the UPSC Examination Hall. Always stay out of nervousness as it may create blunders and you will tend to forget whatever you have studied.

Stay positive and believe you can do it and see how success works in your life ahead.

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