Geology as an Optional Subject for UPSC Mains Exam

Geology as optional for IAS

Geology is one of the optional subjects offered by the UPSC in the mains exam. It is not an optional that comes to mind most easily unlike, say history or public administration. There are very few people taking Geology optional mostly because it is a highly specialised subject. However, it is regarded as a very scoring subject. This article talks about Geology as an optional subject for UPSC mains exam.

Who should take Geology optional?

If you have had Geology as your subject during graduation and you have a sound knowledge and interest in it, you should definitely go for Geology optional in IAS exam.

Pros of Geology Optional for IAS exam

  • It is a highly scoring subject.
  • It is a scientific subject and nothing is left to interpretation unlike some of the humanities subjects.
  • It is a straightforward subject.
  • It is easy to understand.

Cons of Geology Optional for IAS exam

  • It is a highly specialised subject requiring prior knowledge.
  • The syllabus is a bit extensive; hence you might need more time for covering it.
  • You need to have a good interest in the subject.

Strategy for Geology optional

  • Paper I covers geomorphology, palaeontology, geotectonic, etc.
  • Paper-II sees questions from igneous and metamorphic petrology, mineralogy, geochemistry, etc.
  • Environmental geology is also important.
  • It is recommended that you focus on mineral revelation, ore genesis, Indian mineral silt, etc.
  • You can expect questions from mineral trading and lending, the geology of energies, designing topography, groundwater science, underground water examination, issues and administration, incident and designation of water.
  • In this optional, no topic should be left uncovered.

Important books for Geology optional:

  • Trends in Objective Geology – Ausaf Sayeed
  • Text Book of Geology – P.K. Mukherjee
  • Concise Geology – P.K. Mukherjee

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