UPSC Exam - Profile Insecurities of Candidates

Many people always have some or the other kind of insecurities associated while attempting to clear the UPSC examination. Most of these insecurities faced by candidates are merely due to misconceptions or wrong assumptions. This is an examination which tests the resilience of the candidates to overcome all sorts of mental barriers and other kinds of barriers. 

Aspirants would find this topic very helpful while preparing for the IAS Exam.

Rural Background

This is one of the most prevalent insecurities about people not hailing from urban backgrounds. Always remember that the most popular scientist of India, A P J Abdul Kalam hailed from a humble background and he was able to win the hearts and minds of people across the globe with his wisdom, knowledge and dedication towards his duty. Always remember that UPSC is interested in the character of a person and not his rural background.


This is another mental barrier that many aspiring students are apprehensive about. Although English has got its importance, there is no need to worry about it if you have problems with fluency in the language. A candidate has the option to choose the language in the examination including the interview. However, it is always good to improve oneself in a universally accepted language like English. Improvements can be made by following simple steps like regularly reading English newspapers, magazines, watching news channels, and always trying to converse with like minded people in English. All these are tried and tested methods in improving the language skills.

Education Background

Your education background could be from any stream like humanities, science or technical background. Your background is not going to be a stumbling block in achieving your goals. Every year candidates from different backgrounds have been able to crack the UPSC exams. From statistics one can notice the success rate is skewed in favour of certain subjects. There are so many examples where people from different educational backgrounds opted for optional subjects that are not related to their degree course, yet they were able to clear the examination. Determination, dedication and discipline are the most important factors that will create differentiation between success and failure.

Must Know Everything

Due to the vast knowledge and information one must acquire, we may get the feeling that we are supposed to know everything. Always understand that knowledge is infinite and it is impossible to know everything. The best one can do is to earnestly continue acquiring knowledge on a daily basis and be humble about it. In the interview panel the total number of years of experience of all the panelists will easily cross hundreds of years. Hence a candidate will definitely face questions that he/she may not be able to answer. The best one can do is humbly accept your lack of knowledge on the concerned topic and maintain a calm demeanour. 

Working Professionals

Working professionals would have a constant dilemma whether to continue with the job or leave the job. There are numerous examples across the country where people have been able to clear the exams despite having regular jobs. Hence remove all the mental barriers and always remember the proverb where there is a will there’s a way.


The above details would help candidates prepare for UPSC 2020.

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