Preparation Strategy and Tips for IAS Exams

There are plenty of preparation strategies and tips while preparing for IAS Exams conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). However make sure that you follow the basic tips which are easy to follow and are the most effective tips which can help you sail through the long drawn battle of clearing the UPSC exams. 

Aspirants would find this topic very helpful while preparing for the IAS Exam.

Time Table

Without a time table you can never know the direction in which you are headed. Time table will let you know whether you are heading in the right direction and with the right speed. Before making a time table you need to comprehensively understand the syllabus and work accordingly to tackle them step by step. Make sure that you have the short term, medium term and long term goals in the time table.

Prepare Structured Notes

Notes will be an important arsenal in your battle of clearing the IAS exam. Without easily accessible simplified notes, the battle is long lost even before it has begun. At the fag end of the preparation one cannot go through an ocean of material and make accurate analyses of all the topics. Hence refer to the credible sources of study materials and make notes with right analyses. This notes that you prepare at every stage will be of greatest help in your IAS exam preparations.

Regular Mock Tests

It would not be easy to clear the exam if you do not take regular mock tests. Mock tests will help you understand your levels of preparation amidst the massive competition that exists for this examination. Moreover regular mock tests will help you stay relaxed in the actual examination environment.


If one does not carry out regular revision of the topics covered, then all the efforts will go down the drain. It is impossible for a human to recollect every topic with all its fine details, accurately in the examination hall, if one does not carry out regular revisions. Hence allocate some time for revision at the end of every day, and keep a habit of revising all the topics covered in the week over the weekend. This will help a prospective candidate recollect all the topics with ease as the time progresses and you will be in a better position to answer the questions accurately.

Sleep Timing and Duration

One may come across people giving advice on studying non stop without any sleep. Such advice must be strictly discarded as bad and wrong advice. It is scientifically proven on the necessity of sleep for normal functioning of the human body and mind. If all the tips are followed and if the mind and body is not in good health all the efforts will be lost and one cannot have the necessary zeal and energy to prepare for the IAS exam. It is inevitable that you have to recharge your mind and body due to fatigue. Sleep is the best way to recharge yourself. 


This is an examination that tests your ability to withstand stress at every stage of preparation. Meditation is a proven technique to induce calmness and completely remove the stress levels. If your preparation is in the right direction devoid of stress, then you stand a great chance of clearing this massively difficult examination.

Food Habits

Always make sure that you have the right food at the right time. Don’t resort to eating food at odd hours, this will go against your body clock. Avoid eating junk food and eat more vegetables and fruits. This will give you the required energy for IAS exam preparations.


Allocate some time every day for exercise. It has been scientifically proven that exercise reduces the stress inducing hormones and increases your positive vibes. 

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The above details would help candidates prepare for UPSC 2021.

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