How to Sharpen your Mind for IAS Exam

The UPSC prelims exam is coming soon, and if you are an IAS aspirant, you are doing everything in your power to taste success in this exam, the IAS prelims, which is the first hurdle standing between you and the IAS goal. You have a lot of information to read and remember from the rather gigantic UPSC Syllabus.

It is human to forget things and panic towards the wee end of your preparation time. What if you could do certain exercises and sharpen your mind? This article gives you a few useful and practical tips to sharpen your mind for IAS exam. Read on, implement, and achieve success in the Civil Services Examination.

Tips on Sharpening your Mind for IAS Exa1

1. Dont stop learning

Always be on the lookout for learning new things. Of course, you are doing it already as IAS aspirants. But keep your brain on ‘learning mode’ all the time. This will make it more alert and sharp.

2. Engage all your senses

It is proved that using all your senses while doing an activity improves your retention of it.

3. Exercise Daily

Make your mind more alert by doing physical exercises. There is nothing that makes yourselves more refreshed and alert than a walk in the park or at the gym if you are in the habit of going to a gym. You could also play games like tennis or badminton, and rejuvenate your mind. Sports also sharpen your reflexes and make you extra alert to your surroundings.

4. Watch Your Diet

Brain and heart health are essential to having an alert and sharp mind. Include the following in your diet:

  1. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  2. Omega-3 fatty acids like in fish.

Avoid junk food and foods high in starch. Avoid excessive sugar in your diet at all costs.

5. Do not rely too much on a calculator

When you are doing calculations, resist the calculator and use your mind, like you used to in school. For simple things like when you buy stuff from a store, try to calculate the total amount you have to pay in your head. This will sharpen your mind and of course, stand you in good stead for CSAT also.

6. Do Mental Exercises to Stimulate the Brain

Work out puzzles, crosswords, Sudoku and other brain-stimulating games. Also, read challenging books to sharpen your intellect

7. Write Down Notes

Writing develops your intellect because it involves creativity. And this is definitely a vital part of your IAS preparation

8. Repeat and Reinforce

Repetition is a reinforcement. Repeat verbally or in writing what you read. This will also increase your retention.

9. Teach Others

Another very stimulating activity is teaching. Teaching others what you have studied is a very good method to not only sharpen your mind but also increase your own understanding of the topic.

10. Reduce your TV Time

Watching a lot of television is harmful to the brain. Cut down on your TV time if you are serious about cracking the UPSC exam.

11. Sleep on Time

A sleep-deprived body cannot have a sharp mind. So, get sufficient sleep, preferably 7 hours of continuous sleep daily.

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