Useful Mnemonics for Easy Revision

UPSC Exam Preparation: Some Mnemonics to make revision easy

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is the sole constitutional body which conducts various examination to recruit candidates for various posts in the Government of India and civil services examination is one among them which is conducted every year, The UPSC Syllabus which is set by the commission is indeed vast and to cover the entire syllabus is difficult though we are not saying it is impossible. But the question is, is it worthy to cover the entire syllabus, how useful will it be while writing the exam and even if you cover the entire syllabus how much will be retained in your memory?

As every aspirant is aware to clear the Civil Services Exam and get the desired posts like IAS, IPS, IFS and others, one needs a right strategy, proper guidance along with sheer dedication and determination.

Now that every aspirant knows there is no point in covering the entire UPSC Syllabus but it is crucial to remember what they have studied and to follow some shortcuts while making notes that would make their revision easy and enhance their memory. And, mnemonic is one such shortcut technique which candidates can use in their preparation.


What is mnemonic?

Mnemonic is a method or technique where a pattern of letters or ideas is designed in remembering something. There’s no rules or any defined pattern to design or form a mnemonic create your own which is easy for you to remember.

Here we bring some mnemonics that would be useful in the UPSC Exam Preparation and easy to revise and memorize.


1 Trick to remember G-20 Countries (Total No. of Countries – 20)

It is really bit difficult to remember 20 specific countries in a group, so here’s a trick on how to remember all the 20 countries of Group 20.

Remember Vowels and Consonants, we apply this here and to know how read below.

Vowels: A, E, I , O, U

Consonants: The rest of the alphabet

There are countries name in the group that start with vowels i.e. A, E I and U and O is missing, so replace the missing O with the countries name that start with consonants as given below

A, E, I, BFGMCJRST, U but how to remember the other countries that have consonants in their starting letter i.e. which has replaced the vowel O, so here’s the trick within a trick.

BFGMCJRST: watching BFGM & CJ7 on RSTv (read it as watching Big Fat Greek Marriage and CJ7 on RSTv –Rajya Saba Tv (BFGM & CJ7 movies)

Hope you would have watched or heard about Big Fat Greek Wedding Movie and instead of wedding make it as marriage and CJ7 also a movie name.


  1. Ar- Argentina
  2. Au- Australia
  3. EU- European Union
  4. Id- Indonesia
  5. In- India
  6. It- Italy
  7. B-Brazil
  8. F- France
  9. G- Germany
  10. M- Mexico
  11. Ca Canada
  12. Ch- China
  13. J- Japan
  14. Ru- Russia
  15. Sa Ar- Saudi Arabia
  16. So Af- South Africa
  17. SK- South Korea
  18. Tu- Turkey
  19. U- U.K.
  20. U- U.S.


2Trick to remember ASEAN countries (Total No. of Countries 10)

Please Turn oVer Left In Cambodia to meet the MBBS


  1. P- Philippines
  2. T- Thailand
  3. V- Vietnam
  4. L- Laos
  5. I- Indonesia
  6. C- Cambodia
  7. M- Malaysia
  8. B- Brunei
  9. B- Burma
  10. S- Singapore


3Trick to remember G7 countries (Total No. of Countries 7)

Mnemonic: G7 countries are wealthy nations. So, they all drink JUICE & have GF (Girl Friend).


  1. J- Japan
  2. U- USA
  3. I- Italy
  4. C- Canada
  5. E- England
  6. G- Germany
  7. F- France


4Trick to Remember SAARC Countries (Total No. of Countries 10)

Mnemonic: MBBS PAIN

  1. M- Maldives MIB PAN BS
  2. B- Bangladesh
  3. B- Bhutan
  4. S- Sri Lanka
  5. P- Pakistan
  6. A-Afghanistan
  7. I- India
  8. N- Nepal


5Trick to remember Rainbow Revolution (an integrated development of crop cultivation – Total No. of RR 7)


  1. H- Horticulture
  2. F- Fishery
  3. P- Poultry
  4. A- Agriculture
  5. S- Sugarcane
  6. H- Animal Husbandry
  7. F- Forestry


6Trick to remember Mekong-Ganga Cooperation Countries (Total no. of countries 6)

Mnemonic: LIMCa TV

  1. L- Laos
  2. I- India
  3. M- Myanmar
  4. Ca- Cambodia
  5. T- Thailand
  6. V- Vietnam


7Trick to remember 8 Core Industries in Indian Economy

Mnemonic: CCC FRENS

  1. C- Coal
  2. C- Crude Oil
  3. C- Cement
  4. F- Fertilizers
  5. R- Refinery Products
  6. E- Electricity
  7. N- Natural Gas
  8. S- Steel


8Trick to remember countries bordering Caspian Sea (total no. of countries 5)

Mnemonic: ATRIK (Read it as A trick)

  1. A- Azerbaijan
  2. T- Turkmenistan
  3. R- Russia
  4. I- Iran
  5. K- Kazakhstan


9Trick to remember countries bordering Red Sea (Total no. of countries 6)

Mnemonic: YES DES (Read it as S Days or yesterday)

  1. Y- Yemen
  2. E- Egypt
  3. S- Sudan
  4. D- Djibouti
  5. E- Eritrea
  6. S- Saudi Arabi


10Trick to remember Countries called as Horn of Africa (Total No. of countries 4)

Mnemonic: SEED

  1. S- Somalia
  2. E- Ethiopia
  3. E- Eritrea
  4. D- Djibouti


11Trick to remember countries bordering Black Sea (Total No. of countries- 6)

Mnemonic: BuRGURT (Read it as Burger but remember to add T at the end keep it silent)

  1. Bu- Bulgaria
  2. U- Ukraine
  3. R- Russia
  4. G- Georgia
  5. R- Romania
  6. T- Turkey


12Trick to remember countries bordering Baltic Sea (Total no. of countries: 9)

Mnemonics: SELLurRGD&PF (read it as SELL your RecurrinG Deposit & PF)

  1. S- Sweden
  2. E- Estonia
  3. L- Latvia
  4. L- Lithuania
  5. R- Russia
  6. G- G Germany
  7. D- Denmark
  8. P- Poland
  9. F- Finland

These are some of the mnemonics which we come up with to remember countries of certain groups and organizations.

Hope, this would be useful for IAS Aspirants, also candidate can share if they have their mnemonics in the below comment section.