Success: In UPSC & In Life

The road to success in UPSC is paved with difficulty but being level-headed and focused is just the crux achieving greatness. This article will further elaborate on what needs to be done to achieve success in the IAS Exam as well as in life.

Measuring success in life

How do you define success in life? Is it:

  1. Reaching a place which you had dreamed of
  2. Getting what you really wanted
  3. Overcoming obstacles, barriers in life?

Success cannot be any of these things, it cannot be a ‘when’ it is something within yourself which you are seeking. Success must be born in your mind and you must be convinced that you can win.  You must make yourself aware of what success, and prosperity in general means to you in your life. Some people might define success as having luxurious cars and a huge mansion, whereas others consider a life full of joy and happiness with their family as true success.


We often hear people talk about discipline, dedication, punctuality, hard work and a whole lot of other qualities which we must cultivate to be successful. But the question remains “how many of these qualities do you actually practice?” What most people fail to understand is that success is not the accomplishment of a goal, fulfilment of a purpose, completion of a journey, attainment of a vision, the end of a struggle. Success is a way of life.   Success should be holistic if you are succeeding at one thing and failing at everything else in life it is not going to help you. We have learnt it from our past that with a successful assertion of our individuality, we can turn anything into a success. Success is the afterglow of your individual self shining through life’s hardships. You cannot spread the light unless you possess it yourself.

The deeper you reach within yourself, the farther you go in the world. Finding the method & process of self-discovery is your first step towards success. When you understand yourself completely each expression of yours becomes a source of creativity and success simply becomes your second nature.   When often see that a successful person seems to succeed at everything whereas a failure fails at everything. So we can safely conclude that it is not the chosen field which defines your success, it’s the way in which you approach things. Your life is like a house, even if one room is dirty you cannot live there peacefully.

Overcoming failure

Imagine a sparkly clean living room while there is a dead rat smelling in the bedroom. It simply does not work that way!   The most important reason why people fail at UPSC or any other thing in their life is that they focus on only one area of their life. They don’t seem to understand that they can’t succeed at one thing in their life if they are failing at everything else. Everything that you ignore, will eventually catch up with you. That’s the law.   This does not mean that you should stop preparing for your exams or just wait till everything is right. Only one goal should get your attention so do not leave too many loose ends. Clear out the distractions so that you can prepare in peace!

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