UPSC 2016-17 Civil Services (Main) Interview Transcript by Anonymous (P K Joshi Board)

Interview Board: P K Joshi
Candidate Name: Anonymous
Interview Date/Year: March 22, 2016-17
Session: Afternoon


Here we bring a candidate’s UPSC 2017 interview transcript to help the other candidates who are yet to attend the interview and get a glimpse of the interview questions asked by the UPSC Board Members. For more UPSC Interview transcripts, click here.

Candidate Background

Home State: Punjab

Qualification: B.Tech Mechanical Engineering

Optional: Geography

Work Experience: Worked in a Power Sector Company

Hobbies: cricket and LAN Gaming

Questions asked by the UPSC Chairman and Board Members


Difference between Mechanical and Industrial engineering:

Difference between geography and geology:

What is GIS…Tell me about its applications

What is catchment area and river basin?

Member 1

Difference between Enthalpy and Entropy.

What is plant load factor?

What could be its maximum value?

What is benchmark plant load factor?

What is value of plant load factor in case of solar power plants?

Member 2

What is India’s nuclear doctrine?

Should there be first use policy considering the turbulent neighbourhood in which we are living?

Does India want nuclear free world?

If yes, then don’t you think there exists a contradiction in India’s nuclear doctrine?

Lady Member 1

What is single window clearance?

Do we have it?

For which departments?

Problems assosiated with Single window clearance.

Difference between MoU and Agreement. Which one is legally binding ?

Difference between Exclusive Economic Zone and Maritime Economic Zone.

Countries other than India where Ramayana festival is celebrated?

Member 3

Role you played in cricket team like captain, vice-captain or a player.

Situational question related to LAN gaming like you are the head and you have to make a team of 5 people but you have 10 equally competent people. What are the attributes you would look for in your 5 team members?

Where is Wheeler Island? Chandipore Range?

You have done engineering from NIT and you are wasting govt. money by joining civil services. : problems in engineering field, why so many people coming from engineering background to join civil services ?

Should there be exit exam in engineering college?

If someone is very poor, his parents have mortgaged jewelry to fund his education and he fails in exit exam.

What will be his future?

Don’t you think this proposed exit exam is unnecessary?


No questions asked on current affairs and home state i.e. uncertainty and unpredictability continues.

Overall good experience.

Board members were quite cordial except one member M 3.

This is a just a transcript shared by one of the candidates who has qualified to the UPSC Civil Services (Main) Exam Personality Test/ Interview 2016-17.

We have posted this transcript so that it would be helpful for other candidates to prepare for the interview and face the board.

But it is advised to the candidates who are yet to attend the interview don’t conclude anything from the conclusion of the candidate as he/she has just shared his/her interview experience, yet others should be prepared with the current affairs section and if one observes there are questions asked on the candidates hobby as well so be prepared to answer questions on your hobbies.

And rest, trust the board!

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