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Questions asked in the UPSC Personality Test/Interview

UPSC Personality test for the year 2019 was finally conducted, starting from 20th July 2020 after its postponement due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The personality test for UPSC 2020 will take place after Mains (Scheduled from 8th January 2021). To get more details, candidates can check the IAS Interview Questions page. It is the final round of the UPSC Civil Services examination. Candidates who qualify the mains exam, have to appear in the interview in the month of March or April of the following year. Thus it is very important to start one’s preparation right after taking the mains exam. Read on to know what kinds of questions are asked in the UPSC interview. 

To reach the interview stage of the IAS Exam, aspirants should cover UPSC Syllabus and they can take help of the following links:

UPSC Personality Test Syllabus

The main aim of taking personality tests is to know the overall personality of the candidate and traits of the candidate like their confidence, honesty, intelligence, integrity, understanding ground realities, and depth of understanding of various concepts.

Questions asked in UPSC interview

Questions Asked in UPSC Interview

Here, we bring some probable questions that are asked generally in the IAS Exam interview:

  • Mostly, some initial questions asked would be based on the bio-data of the candidate, their career choices and why in particular they want to join the civil services.
  • Initially, the UPSC Interview Board starts the interaction with a candidate by asking them to describe themselves briefly.
  • Some questions are asked relating to the candidates’ name. Candidates might be asked some questions about the meaning of their name, surname, and if any candidate has a long surname then the reason for carrying a long surname.
  • Candidates should also do some research on their date of birth as questions might be asked related to the date of birth. The majority of the UPSC Interview Questions are hugely based on what a candidate has filled in the form including their subjects, hobbies, service preferences etc. Hence, a candidate should consider the interview as a test of logic and presentation and awareness rather than complete subject knowledge.
  • It is very important for the candidates to remember the information they have filled in the detailed application form especially their hobbies, what they mention on their biodata as questions are asked about the reason for their pursuing such a hobby.
  • Keeping a command on current events is very important for the interview as questions can be asked based on all current affairs ad they want to check the candidate’s opinion. Hence, candidates need to have some idea about the current topics and logical answer to the questions asked of them by the board of interviewers.
  • If you have work experience, you might face questions related to your work. For e.g., if the candidate is a doctor then the board might ask questions on any ongoing health issues. If the candidate has an economic background then the board may ask questions on the current economic situation. The board may also ask the candidate about how they may implement their knowledge of the current profession in the civil services. Thus it is very important to gather knowledge about the field of work whether in past or at present.
  • Also, there might be questions based on situations. You will be given a situation and then you will be asked what response will you give in that situation. For e.g., if terrorists attack a region and as collector or person in charge of that charge what actions they may take. So, the candidate should develop skills to analyze a situation in a different angle to face the IAS Interview.
  • Questions asked by the board in the personality test/interview may vary and it depends on the choice of subjects taken by the candidate and why they want to join the civil services. Therefore, a candidate should thoroughly refine their personality and polish up their career during their preparation for the IAS interview.

Now candidates would have got a fair idea about what kind of questions are asked in the Personality Test or Interview Round.

Now you have got the idea of how questions are asked in the personality test. Thus, it is not a question-answer round but a discussion as well. Most of the times the questions asked would be about biodata and current affairs

Requisites for UPSC Personality Test

Below listed out are some of the requisites of the Interview Round and also advised to candidates’ to work on those as it will polish their overall personality.

  • The personality test assesses one’s demeanour and not what a candidate says but how they say it.
  • Moreover, the final assessment or marks given to candidates is based on what they have answered and not for the questions that have not answered.
  • So, be confident and answer the questions which you know to the best of your ability and frankly and politely say you don’t know the answers to the question which you don’t have any clue or idea.
  • Finally, what matters is one’s attitude that pulls or pushes one on the ladder of the marks.

Always, keep in mind that the board can’t test your personality from a question you have not answered.

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