Dress Code for the UPSC Civil Services Board Interview

UPSC Civil Services Board Interview

“Dressing well is a form of good manners.”    –  Tom Ford

The UPSC board interview is the last hurdle to be crossed in your journey towards the IAS dream. Even after spending a year in pursuit of your UPSC dream preparing sincerely, you can flounder when it comes to facing a bunch of serious and esteemed individuals and answering their questions in a bid to impress them. Writing answers on a sheet of paper and attending an interview, and especially an interview as nerve-wracking as the UPSC board interview, are two different ball games.

There are many things to remember while giving the IAS exam personality test. Apart from your theoretical knowledge and analytical abilities and reasoning, you should display a nimble presence of mind and the ability to think on your feet. Here, people are there to judge you not on the basis of your written answers, but on the basis of what you say, how you say, how you conduct yourself, how you respond and simply put, what they think you are. You have to be able to impress the board with your overall personality.

A lot of candidates scratch their heads over what to wear for the UPSC board interview. And this is not a non-issue. What you wear to the IAS interview matters a lot. This is because the panel would have formed an opinion of you even before they hear you speak. It is human nature to subconsciously form an opinion of a person just on the basis of how they look. So, it is imperative that you dress in the right manner while going for the UPSC personality test. There are some do’s and don’ts that you must follow. Read on for more on what to wear in UPSC interview.

  • Wear clean clothes. Your clothes must be well-washed, ironed and without any stains.
  • Avoid wearing too tight or too loose clothes. Look smart by wearing the correct size.
  • Women should preferably wear formal Indian wear to the UPSC interview. If you are not comfortable with a sari, a salwar suit would do. But make sure whatever you wear is of a light, sober colour. It should be cotton.
  • Don’t wear revealing clothes.
  • Very little or no make-up is fine. Also, no flowers on your hair.
  • Avoid high heels unless you are comfortable walking in them and they don’t make a lot of noise.
  • Tie your hair neatly.
  • Men should wear light coloured formal shirts and dark trousers. A neck-tie is ok if you are comfortable. Tuck in your shirt and avoid printed or floral ones.
  • Wear formal well-polished shoes with dark socks.
  • Men should preferably have short hair. This is a matter of personal choice but it might not project a professional image if you have long hair.
  • Avoid expensive and flashy jewellery.
  • Don’t go in party wear or casual wear like jeans and T-shirts.
  • Avoid perfumes which are very strong. Also, take care not to have body odour.
  • Don’t wear chappals, sneakers or flip-flops.
  • Avoid bright coloured attire.
  • You can wear a formal watch.
  • Carry a handkerchief to wipe out sweat.

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