UPSC Odia Literature Syllabus

Odia is a language of the Indo-Aryan family used in the state of Odisha, parts of West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and Andhra Pradesh. Formerly known as Oriya, it is considered one of the 6 classical languages of India. It has been given the status of an official language by listing it in the eighth schedule of the Constitution of India. Odia has a long and illustrious history of literary works since ancient times. UPSC includes Odia literature as one of the optional subjects for the Mains exam. This article provides the syllabus for the Odia optional papers.

UPSC Odia Literature Syllabus PDF:-Download Syllabus PDF

The syllabus for this subject consists of the grammar of the Odia language, its history and development, influences from other language systems and regional variations in the language. It also includes phonetics and important literary compositions in the language.

UPSC Odia Optional Syllabus

The weightage given to Odia is 500 marks distributed in two papers of 250 marks each. Find below the Odia literature syllabus:

UPSC Odia Optional Paper I Syllabus:

UPSC Odia Optional Paper II Syllabus:

Odia literature can potentially increase the chances of success as the syllabus is small as compared to other literature optionals. However, the syllabus for Paper I is more focussed on ethnolinguistic studies of the language and hence the optional should be selected only by candidates who have studied Odia at an advanced level. Study material is widely available in universities across Eastern India.

UPSC Odia Literature Syllabus PDF:-Download Syllabus PDF

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