23 Oct 2021: PIB Summary & Analysis


1. Banni Buffalo IVF
2. AatmaNirbhar Bharat Swayampurna Goa programme

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1. Banni Buffalo IVF


India’s First Banni Buffalo IVF Calf Born.


  • India saw the birth of its first IVF calf of a Buffalo breed namely Banni, found primarily in Gujarat’s Kutch region.
  • The birth of the Banni Buffalo calf would open up doors for the mass production of the rare Banni Buffalo, which can withstand extreme weather conditions, survive in the water-scarce atmosphere and produce 16 litres of good quality milk in a day.
  • ​​Bunni buffalo is also known as ‘Kutchi’ or ‘Kundi’ primarily found in Kutch. It is usually a rare breed preserved by the local community ‘Maldharis’. 
  • Banni has a different genetic makeup as compared to common breeds, which allows for longer lactation periods, higher milk production potential.
  • Unlike other varieties of buffalo, it can sustain harsh climatic conditions by consuming the naturally available grasses and can survive infrequent drought conditions, low humidity and high temperature.
  • The process was carried out to enhance the number of genetically superior buffaloes to increase milk production.
  • A cow can give birth to 50 calves on an average through IVF, as against its capacity to deliver a maximum of eight to 10 calves in its lifetime.
  • India has more than 109 million buffaloes that is 56 per cent of the world’s buffalo population.

2. AatmaNirbhar Bharat Swayampurna Goa programme


PM interacted with beneficiaries and stakeholders of the AatmaNirbhar Bharat Swayampurna Goa programme via video conferencing.

About Swayampurna Goa:

  • Swayampurna Goa was launched on October 1, 2020.
  • Under this programme, a state government officer is appointed as ‘Swayampurna Mitra’. 
  • The Mitra visits a designated panchayat or municipality, interacts with people, coordinates with multiple government departments and ensures that various government schemes and benefits are available to the eligible beneficiaries.

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