Why One Should Take IAS Exam?

IAS is considered as one of the privileged post among other civil services of UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) in India. UPSC saw its presence from pre-independence and was initiated as Public Service Commission in India and was set up in October, 1926.

 Later, with the disagreement among public with the lack of advisory functions, under the Government of India Act of 1935, the Federal Public Service Commission was set up, later which was changed to the Unite Public Service Commission in 1950 under the new Constitution. This ensured that there was autonomous and distinctive control both at the Central and the State level. Today, the UPSC exams have become a symbol of status and intelligence to Indians across the country. The UPSC exams for appointment commands a lot of respect.

Why Should You Give IAS Exam

The Indian Administrative Service IAS) is the pre-eminent administrative civil service of the Government of India. IAS officers hold crucial and astute positions in the Union Government, States and public-sector covenant. There are various reasons why an UPSC aspirant opt to become an IAS officer and for some who still has a question on their mind that “Why IAS?” then here are some major reasons that will make anyone to think twice before asking this question:

  1. You will be the nonpareil student of the nation

Among all the myths surrounding the IAS exam, it is undeniably not a myth that it is one of the toughest exams in the country. The IAS exam is designed in such a way that people who are motivated and interested in making a change emerge successful. The questions paper will analyze the skills of a candidate as a problem solver and also their genuine concern for the issues that generally dog the country and the world. It also assesses how a candidate can give unbiased and logical view of these issues.   Candidates who meet these benchmark and create a world of difference in the country’s operation will become a part of the crème de la crème job as an IAS officer.

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  1. You play significant part in the Nation’s growth

As an IAS officer selected through the UPSC exams, you will contribute in the growth of the country and its people by taking decision. If you are passionate about serving the nation and enthusiastic in taking part in the progress of the country then without any second thought you can join the civil services. You become an important public figure when you fight for justice and question or pay no attention to the unnecessary intrusion of the political parties and act shrewd to keep them under control. Moreover, you will become one of the key decision makers for your nation and this one reason explains a lot why you should start preparing for IAS Exam.

  1. You become one of the most important and privileged members in the society

This one justifying reason is enough to convince you to take IAS exam. Who is  not lured to get into a job that provides all privileges one would have dreamed of? If this one job gives you all the privileges you wished for and that would make anyone to envy you. Though, undeniably the initial stages of this job are little tough as you may get posted to any rural place and have to work their betterment of that area. But, think that you will influence the lives of thousands of people and you get high salary and enjoy perks like free electricity and calls and with accommodation at cheap rates.


  1. The chances of losing your job is sparse

Unlike any corporate jobs that attract job seekers by paying high when there is requirement from their clients and chances of losing a job is high, for an instance if the client withdraws his business from the organization then the company is left with no options other than terminating some employees. The security that government jobs give none other private companies can promise that example during recession how private companies asked their employees to resign. Sometime, you may think that you have found your dream company but the job you may do their may not be your dream job and you may also have to do some work unwillingly which would may not match your personality or your profile. Hope, this ideal four point answers would have convinced your question “Why IAS”? Thinking, now you are convinced and decided to take up IAS Exam then here’s food for thought that nothing comes without hard work and if you have taken a step towards IAS then start preparing as now is the right time.

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