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Geometry Formulas

The geometry formulas pdf is provided here so that students can learn and retain the formulas for a longer period of time. PDFs are one of the most useful tools to learn math formulas. The geometry pdf formulas will help students to understand the concepts more effectively. Various geometry formulas in pdf format like coordinate geometry pdf, cube formula pdf, surface area and volume formulas pdf, area and perimeter formula for all shapes pdf, etc are given below.

All geometry formulas pdf are provided here which will not only help students to learn the concepts but also during their time of revision before their examination. The geometry formulas pdf are very useful for revision purpose as all the formulas are given in a single pdf. The coordinate geometry formulas pdf are also provided to help students learn the topic more efficiently.

Geometry Formulas from Class 8 to Class 12
Geometry Formulas For Class 12
Geometry Formulas For Class 11
Geometry Formulas For Class 10
Geometry Formulas For Class 9
Geometry Formulas For Class 8

Here is a list of several most important geometry formulas that you use for solving various problems.

Basic Geometry Formulas

$Perimeter \; of \; a \; Square = P = 4a$

Where a = Length of the sides of a Square

$Perimeter \; of \; a \; Rectangle = P = 2(l+b)$

Where, l = Length ; b = Breadth

$Area \; of \; a \; Square = A = a^{2}$

Where a = Length of the sides of a Square

$Area \; of \; a \; Rectangle = A = l \times b$

Where, l = Length ; b = Breadth

$Area \; of \; a \; Triangle = A = \frac{b \times h}{2}$

Where, b = base of the triangle ; h = height of the triangle

$Area \; of \; a \; Trapezoid = A = \frac{(b_{1}+b_{2})h}{2}$

Where, $b_{1}$ & $b_{2}$ are the bases of the Trapezoid ; h = height of the Trapezoid

$Area \; of \; a \; Circle = A = \pi \times r^{2}$

$Circumference \; of \; a \; Circle = A = 2\pi r$

Where, r = Radius of the Circle

$Surface \; Area \; of \; a \; Cube = S = 6a^{2}$

Where, a = Length of the sides of a Cube

$Surface \; Area \; of \; a \; Cylinder = S = 2\pi rh$

$Volume \; of \; a \; Cylinder = V = \pi r^{2} h$

Where, r = Radius of the base of the Cylinder ; h = Height of the Cylinder

$Surface \; Area \; of \; a \; Cone = S = \pi r (r + \sqrt{h^{2}+r^{2}})$

$Volume \; of \; a \; Cone = V = \pi r^{2} h$

Where, r = Radius of the base of the Cone, h = Height of the Cone

$Surface \; Area \; of \; a \; Sphere = S = 4 \pi r^{2}$

$Volume \; of \; a \; Sphere = V = \frac{4}{3}\pi r^{3}$

Where, r = Radius of the Sphere

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