Equation of a Line Formula

An equation of a line can be expressed in many ways – Slope Intercept, Standard or Point-Slope. Here we will discuss Point-Slope Equation of a Line.

Point Slope Equation

The Point Slope Equation of a Line Formula

\[\LARGE y-y_{1}=m(x-x_{1})\]

m is the slope of the line.
x1 is the co-ordinate of x-axis.
y1 is the co-ordinate of y-axis.

Solved Examples

Question 1: Find the equation of the line whose slope is 8 and one of the co-ordinate is (3,5) ?


Given,m = 8

(x1,y1) = (3,5)

The formula for the equation of a line is,

y – y1 = m (x – x1)

y – 5 = 8 (x – 3)

y – 5 = 8x – 24

8x – y = 19

8x – y – 19 = 0


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