Slope Formula

To calculate the slope of a line , the slope formula is used. The steepness of incline of the line is defined by the slope formula. Coordinates of the lines is used to calculate the slope of a line. It is the ratio of the change in y-axis to the change in x-axis.

slopeThe Slope Formula is given as,

\[\large m=\frac{y_{2}-y_{1}}{x_{2}-x_{1}}\]

m is the slope of the line.
x1, xare the co-ordinates of x-axis
y1, yare the co-ordinates of y-axis

Solved Examples

Question 1:  Find the slope of a line whose co-ordinates are (2,7) and (8,1) ?


(x1, y1) = (2, 7)
(x2, y2) = (8, 1)

The slope formula is:

m = $\frac{y_{2} – y_{1}}{x_{2} – x_{1}}$

m = $\frac{2 – 7}{8 – 1}$ 

m = $\frac{-5}{7}$

m = -0.714

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