Point Slope Form Formula

The point slope form formula is used to represent the point-slope form of a line. To recall, when the equation of a line using line slope of the line and a point through which the line passes, that equation is point slope formula. The steepness of line is a slope. The point on the line is in the form of (x,y).

The Point Slope Form Formula is,

y – y1 = m (x – x1)


  • m is the slope of the line
  • x1 is the coordinates of the x-axis
  • y1 is the co-ordinates of y-axis

Solved Examples

Question: Find the equation of a line which passes through the point (2, 6) and has a slope of 7 ?


Given, m = 7

(x1, y1) = (2, 6)

The point slope form formula is,

yy1 = m(xx1)

y – 6 = 7(x – 2)

y – 6 = 7x – 14

7xy – 8 = 0

The equation of the line is: 7xy – 8 = 0

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       xi              fi              fixi       410A........811B........129C.........1613D.........fixi=..........

Find the value of ∑fix