NCERT Solutions Class 5 English

Provided here are the NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English for students to boost confidence in performing well in the final examinations. By referring to the NCERT Solutions, students come out with flying colours in their academics. Regular practice of these solutions helps students to develop a proper learning of concepts and prepare for their exams effectively. The answers have been formulated by our panel of subject matter experts in a lucid manner for in-depth knowledge of the covered concepts among students. The answers to the various questions are prepared in a comprehensive manner to cater to the needs of the students.

Young students would enjoy a great learning experience from these solutions and would answer the questions in the exams more effectively. Students can cross check their answers referring to the NCERT Solutions while solving textbook questions to analyse their level of preparation. Following these solutions on a regular basis helps students with precise answers to those questions on which they may get stuck. Accurate answers to all the chapters of Marigold textbook have been provided here. Students can download the solutions pdf as per their requirements and use it as the best study source for effective exam preparation.

Download Chapter Wise NCERT Solutions PDFs for Class 5 English

Provided below are the links to the unit-wise NCERT Class 5 English Textbook Marigold. Access from the respective links provided here.

Marigold Textbook Solutions:


Ice Cream Man

Wonderful Waste



Flying Together


My Shadow

Robinson Crusoe Discovers a Footprint



My Elder Brother


The Lazy Frog

Rip Van Winkle


Class Discussion

The Talkative Barber


Topsy-turvy Land

Gulliver’s Travels


Nobody’s Friend

The Little Bully


Sing a Song of People

The Village Child, The City Child


Malu Bhalu

Who will be Ningthou?

Benefits of Using NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English

Following are the few benefits of using NCERT Books

  • The precise answers provide an in-depth knowledge of complex concepts.
  • NCERT Solutions prepared by our faculty with utmost care strictly adhere to the CBSE curriculum and most of the questions for board exams appear from here.
  • Students can download the solutions pdf free of cost both in online and offline mode.
  • Various methods of solving the complex questions are provided for students to enhance their conceptual knowledge.
  • NCERT books explain every topic of the chapter present in the textbook in an elaborate manner in accordance with students intelligence quotient.
  • The illustrative answers for textbook questions help students to cross check their answers in order to analyse their exam preparation.
  • Practising large variety of questions present in the textbook boosts confidence in solving complex questions effortlessly.
  • NCERT Class 5 English book elaborates all the concepts present in the textbook.

Frequently Asked Questions on NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English

Where can I get access to NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English?

Students can download the NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English both in online and offline mode from the BYJU’S website. Highly knowledgeable teachers have designed the solutions in an understandable language based on students’ intelligence quotient. These solutions also help them with various methods of solving the questions effectively. Diligent practice of solutions help students to appear for the exam fearlessly.

How are NCERT Solutions helpful in preparation of CBSE Board Exams?

Our experts at BYJU’S have crafted the solutions in a descriptive manner with the main objective of providing students the best study source. Each and every question of the textbook is explained in an efficient manner which helps students to boost their exam preparation. Students can make use of the solutions in PDF format anytime to clear their doubts quickly and grasp the concepts in-depth.

How do the NCERT Solutions boost students’ confidence in examinations?

The detailed answers provided in NCERT Solutions help students improve their skills which are essential for examinations. Step by step solutions for each question of the textbook enables students to understand the concepts in-depth. Regular practice of these solutions boosts their academic performance. Students can make use of NCERT Solutions as the best study material to cross check their answers while solving textbook questions.

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