Ncert Solutions For Class 6 Maths Ex 1.1

Ncert Solutions For Class 6 Maths Chapter 1 Ex 1.1

Question 1:

Answer the following questions

a) How many ten thousand make up 1 lakh?



b) How many hundred thousand make up one million?



c) How many ten lakh make up one crore?



d) One crore is equivalent to how many millions?




Question 2:

With proper use of periods, express the following in numeric format.

a) Seventy two lakh fifty six thousand four hundred six

b) Eight crore six lakh fifty one

c) Six crore sixty two lakh thirty one thousand two hundred three.

d) Seventy six million five hundred ninety thousand four hundred and three

e) Twenty two lakh forty thousand nine


a) 72, 56, 406

b) 80, 06, 00,051

c) 6, 62, 31, 203

d) 76, 590, 403

e) 22, 40, 009

Question 3:

With proper use of period, give the names as per Indian numerical system for below numbers.

a) 98606873 b) 9657394

c) 99900046 d) 98543812


a) 9, 86, 06, 873

Nine crore eighty six lakh six thousand eight hundred seventy three

b) 96, 57,394

Nine six lakh fifty seven thousand three hundred ninety four

c) 9, 99, 00, 046

Nine crore ninety nine lakh forty six

d) 9, 85, 43, 812

Nine crore eighty-five lakh forty three thousand eight hundred twelve.


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