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Is Calculator Allowed In NEET?

The short answer to it is, no.

As per the information brochure provided on the official website for NEET covered in Chapter 8 – Barred Items And Dress Code, the NTA (National testing Agency) clearly specifies that candidates are not permitted to carry any instruments or stationary items which includes pen, pencil, pouch, pencil box or geometry box, handbags, any paper, purse, textual material, eatables, mobile phones, microphone, earphones, docuPen, pager, Calculator, log tables, slide rules, camera, tape recorder, any metallic item or electronic gadgets, electronic watches with convenience of a calculator or any such device in the exam room.

This is a list of barred items and candidates, under any circumstances, are not permitted to carry these at the examination centre. All aspirants compulsorily undergo all-encompassing frisking procedures carried out through extremely sensitive metal detectors, before they finally get entry into their respective exam rooms.

Thus, any unfair means of hidden communication or any malpractice are subject to strict action by the officials. The penalty depends on the type of offence committed. In this regard, the order applicable by the Hon’ble Supreme Court/High Courts shall be followed.

Furthermore, candidates are advised to consider the fact that the centre makes no arrangements to supervise the belongings of any of the students at the examination centre.

NEET, a highly competitive entrance test is conducted by the NTA (National Testing Agency) every year for medical aspirants across the country. It facilitates young aspirants to seek admissions to medical institutes in various medical programmes. Ideally, the officials enable the official website to record registrations from the 1st week of December with exams being conducted in the 1st week of May. NEET 2020 saw the registration of approximately 15.97 lakh students.

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