RD Sharma Solutions Class 7 Percentage Exercise 11.4

RD Sharma Solutions Class 7 Chapter 11 Exercise 11.4

RD Sharma Class 7 Solutions Chapter 11 Ex 11.4 PDF Free Download

Exercise 11.4

Q1. Find each of the following:

(i)7% of Rs.7150

\(Rs.\left(\frac{7}{100}\times 7150 \right )\\=Rs.500.50\)

(ii) 40% of 400Kg

\(Kg.\left(\frac{40}{100}\times 400 \right )\\=160Kg\)

(iii) 20% 0f 15.125litres

\(litres.\left(\frac{20}{100}\times 15.125 \right )\\=3.025litres\)

(iv) \(3\frac{1}{3}\)%  of 90km

\(km.\left(\frac{10}{300}\times 90 \right )\\=3km\)

( v) 2.5% of 600metres

\(metres.\left(\frac{2.5}{100}\times 600 \right )\\=15metres\)

Q2. Find the number whose \(12\frac{1}{2}\)% is 64.

Let the required  number be x. Then,

\(12\frac{1}{2}\times x=64\\ 12.5\%\times x=64\\ \frac{12.5}{100}\times x=64\\ x=\frac{64\times100}{12.5}\\ =64\times8=512\\ Therefore\;x=512\)

Q3. What is the number, \(6\frac{1}{4}\)%  of which is 2?

Let the required number be x. Then,

\(6\frac{1}{4}\times x=2\\ 6.25\%\times x=2\\ \frac{6.25}{100}\times x=2\\ x=\frac{2\times100}{6.25}\\ =2\times16=32\\ Therefore\;x=32\)

Q4. If 6 is 50% of a number, what is the number?

Let the required number be x. Then,

\(50\%\;of\;x=6\\ \frac{50}{100}\times\;x=6\\ x=\frac{300\times2}{50}\\ \frac{600}{50}=12\\x=12\)

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A set of numerical facts, collected with a definite object in view, is known as: