The JAIIB (Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers) is one of the premium exams that is conducted biannually by the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF).

It is an exam conducted with the purpose of recruiting the best minds to work in the Indian banking industry. As such the competition will be high so one can make do with all the help they need. Keeping this in mind this article will give details about the books for the JAIIB exam.

Candidates preparing for the Bank Exams can find the following like useful

Booklist for CAIIB Exam

The following table gives details about the booklist for the CAIIB Exam (as recommended by the IIBF).

JAIIB Booklist 2023
Books Publication/Author
Principles and Practices of Banking for JAIIB and Diploma in Banking and Finance Abinash Kumar Mandilwar
JAIIB Refresher (All 3 subjects) (English) N K Gupta/ IBC Academy Publications
Guide To Jaiib Legal And Regulatory Aspects Of Banking, Accounting And Finance For Bankers, Principles and Practices Of Banking Set Of 3 Book Combo NS Toor/ A Publisher
Principles and Practices of Banking Macmillan Education
Accounting and Finance for Bankers Med/ Macmillan Education
Advanced Bank Management Macmillan Education
Bank Financial Management Macmillan Education
Corporate Banking Macmillan Education
Accounting and Financing for Bankers Macmillan Education
Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking Macmillan Education
Retail Banking Macmillan Education
Central Banking Macmillan Education
Financial Advising Macmillan Education
Co-Operative Banking Macmillan Education
Information Technology Macmillan Education
Human Resource Management Macmillan Education
Treasury Management Macmillan Education
International Banking Macmillan Education
Rural Banking Macmillan Education
CAIIB Business Maths Prakash Prasad

Frequently Asked Question about JAIIB Exam


How can the JAIIB be cleared in one attempt?

One could go through the material a few times like a novel before approaching JAIIB mock tests or JAIIB previous question papers, and you will be able to answer the questions correctly.

Is the JAIIB exam tough?

JAIIB is one of the toughest exams and without proper preparation cracking JAIIB is really tough. JAIIB is a finance & banking based exam which is conducted two times in a year. The students who want to pursue their career in banking and finance appear for this JAIIB exam.

How can one prepare for JAIIB?

A JAIIB candidate should use the syllabus issued by the IIBF and prepare a study plan or Subscribe to JAIIB/CAIIB Courses. They should know what subject should be started first and how will they will manage all 3 subjects.

To know more about other IIBF exams, visit the linked article.

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