Preparation Strategy For SBI Po

As the exam dates of SBI PO 2017 are slowly drifting closer it’s time to turn on the engines and make a sprint in your preparation before reaching the deadlines of April 29, 30 & May 6, 7 which are the exam dates. Here we provide a detailed plan on how to get your position secured in a qualifying seat using the Best Preparation Strategy for SBI PO 2017.

All the aspirants for SBI PO Exam must have been preparing for the few months but in this last month, the hard work you put will make a difference in making you successful in the exam. Just working hard won’t work as it will be done by all aspirants. The key is the smart work and can join with us at Byju’s.

Here below are few strategies to pass with flying colors in the SBI PO exams.

  • As the exam dates are coming close, the more focus should be on practice rather than learning new topics last moment.
  • The topics you are good at will fetch you more marks than the topics you will learn fresh.
  • So practice the topics you are good at and make them stronger.
  • Time management is the key factor during the exam, so start practicing time management, by solving mock papers.
  • Solve as many mock test papers, as you can, get comfortable with the pattern and speed required.
  • The English Language is the most scoring & less time-consuming part of the whole paper if you can perform well in that.
  • Click here to make your comprehension skills better.
  • After completing the English part of the paper, always opt for Quantitative Aptitude.
  • Keeping the logical reasoning for last will help you to make your time more value worth.
  • Always pick those questions, which seem easy and fast.
  • Never get emotionally attached to a question, if you are unable to solve, drop that question and move to next question.
  • Start reading a newspaper or stay updated with the applications on the phone that display news.
  • Reading the English news will also make you confident in the English language.
  • Get acquainted with the Computer Based Testing.
  • In the Exam Hall
    • Read question paper: As you get the paper, first give a thorough glance through the Paper. Be careful, calm and patient at this time.
    • Divide time: Before you start to attempt the questions, divide the hour into sections keeping your section-wise weaknesses and strengths in mind.
    • Accuracy: Maintain accuracy during the exam. Revising your calculation will always be helpful. Be careful while solving the questions.
    • Speed: In such exam, speed can never be compromised. Always keep a check on the time and your questions left.
    • Revise: Always save some time for revising the answers after completing your test. Maybe, a thorough revision can save you from a big mistake.
  • At last, always stay relaxed, take proper sleep and food to stay and keep your mind healthy.

With the help of these tips, the candidates can strategize their preparation according to their requirements. Hope that you pass with excellence, and secure a great future ahead. Best regards from Byju’s team.

Stay tuned with Byju’s to get a detailed syllabus for SBI PO, Clerk and SO.

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