CBSE Class 7 History Chapter 6 Towns, Traders and Craftsperson Important Questions

What would a traveller visiting a medieval town expect to find? This would depend on what kind of a town it was – a temple town, an administrative centre, a commercial town or a port town to name just some possibilities. In fact, many towns combined several functions – they were administrative centres, temple towns, as well as centres of commercial activities and craft production. Chapter 6 of CBSE Class 7 History discusses Towns, Traders and Craftsperson. Students can master the concepts and revise them well for the exam by answering CBSE Class 7 History Chapter 6 Towns, Traders and Craftsperson Important Questions that have been created based on the key highlights of the Chapter. Practising these important questions will help the students to score well in the exam.

We have given below in this article the clickable link to download the PDF format of the CBSE Class 7 Social Science Important Questions from History Chapter 6. Students can just click on the link, access the questions and take a print out for the future.

Download CBSE Class 7 History Chapter 6 Towns, Traders and Craftsperson Important Questions PDF

Towns, Traders and Craftsperson

1. _________ is the Capital of the Cholas. The perennial river ____________ flows through the town.

2. Who built the Rajarajeshwara temple? Who was the Architect behind its construction?

3. Why do you think people regarded Thanjavur as a great town?

4. Explain present-day taxes on markets. Who collects these, how are they collected and what are they used for?

5. Write a short note about Kabul.

6. How did a Portuguese traveller, Domingo Paes, describe Hampi in the sixteenth century?

7. Mention the towns that were the emporium of western trade during the Mughal period and later. Give their present-day name as well.

8. Who had their factories and warehouses at Surat in the 17th Century?

9. It is noteworthy that the Surat ____________ were honoured in the far-off markets of ___________ in Egypt, ________ in Iraq and _________ in Belgium.

10. Write about Vasco Da Gama and Christopher Columbus.

11. Ajmer is associated with the Sufi saint _____________.

12. Merchants preferred to travel individually rather than in caravans. True or False?

13. How was water supplied to the city of Thanjavur?

14. Who lived in the “Black Towns” in cities such as Madras?

15. Why do you think towns grew around temples?

16. In what ways was craft production in cities like Calcutta different from that in cities like Thanjavur?

17. What were the problems encountered by merchants? Do you think some of these problems persist today? Discuss.

18. Describe the type of towns that existed in India during the medieval period.

19. Write a short note about temple town as commercial centres.

20. Elaborate about Masulipatnam.

21. What was Masulipatnam famous for?
(a) temples
(b) crafts production of copper and silver
(c) trading port
(d) elephant trade


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