CBSE Class 7 History Chapter 5 Rulers and Buildings Important Questions

The Qutb Minar is five storeys high. The band of inscriptions you see are under its first balcony. Qutbuddin Aybak had the first balcony of the Qutb Minar constructed around 1199. From Chapter 5 of CBSE Class 7 History, students can learn more about Rulers and Buildings. We have also compiled in this article CBSE Class 7 History Chapter 5 Rulers and Buildings Important Questions for the students to revise the entire concepts of the Chapter. These important questions also help to score well in the exam, as some of these questions are likely to be asked in the exam.

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Rulers and Buildings

1. Between the eighth and the eighteenth centuries kings and their officers built two kinds of structures. What were they and why were they built?

2. What differences do you notice between the shikharas of the Rajarajeshvara temple and that of the Kandariya Mahadeva?

3. Why were the temples targeted?

4. In what ways do you think the policies of Rajendra I and Mahmud of Ghazni were a product of their times? How were the actions of the two rulers different?

5. How is the “trabeate” principle of architecture different from the “arcuate”?

6. What is a shikhara?

7. What is pietra-dura?

8. What are the elements of a Mughal chahar bagh garden?

9. How did a temple communicate the importance of a king?

10. An inscription in Shah Jahan’s diwan-i Khas in Delhi stated: “If there is Paradise on Earth, it is here, it is here, it is here.” How was this image created?

11. How did the Mughal court suggest that everyone – the rich and the poor, the powerful and the weak – received justice equally from the emperor?

12. What role did the Yamuna play in the layout of the new Mughal city at Shahjahanabad?

13. The rich and powerful construct large houses today. In what ways were the constructions of kings and their courtiers different in the past? Discuss.

14. How many labourers were used to construct the Agra Court? Who constructed it?

15. Describe how the roof was constructed in earlier times.

16. Define superstructure and the term, maha mandapa.

17. Write briefly about the temple construction in the early 11th Century.

18. Mention when Humayun tomb was constructed.

19. Write a brief note about panch mahal.

20. Explain briefly about Islamic Architecture.

21. The Shikhara is ____
(a) An ornamental hall of the temple
(b) The main shrine of the temple
(c) The topmost pointed portion of the temple
(d) None of these

22. Name the Pandyan King who invaded Sri Lanka.
(a) King Sena- I
(b) Shrimara Shrivallabha
(c) King Rajendra
(d) None of the above



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