CBSE Class 7 History Chapter 3 The Delhi Sultans Important Questions

Delhi became an important city only in the twelfth century. The city first became the capital of a kingdom under the Tomara Rajputs, who were defeated in the middle of the twelfth century by the Chauhans (also referred to as Chahamanas) of Ajmer. It was under the Tomaras and Chauhans that Delhi became an important commercial centre. Students can study in detail about Delhi from Chapter 3 of CBSE Class 7 History. We have also compiled CBSE Class 7 History Chapter 3 The Delhi Sultans Important Questions for the students to prepare for the exam. Solving these CBSE Class 7 important questions helps the students to score well in the exam.

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The Delhi Sultans

1. What are the four stages in the making of a manuscript? Describe.

2. Do you think the circle of justice is an appropriate term to describe the relationship between the king and his subjects?

3. Who were the authors of tawarikh? Give any additional details about them.

4. Who was Sultan Iltutmish’s daughter? When did she become the Sultan? When was she removed from the court and why? Explain.

5. Express Minhaj’s ideas in your own words. Do you think Raziyya shared these ideas? Why do you think it was so difficult for a woman to be a ruler?

6. Define the term birthright.

7. What are gender distinctions?

8. What are ‘Hinterland’ and ‘Garrison Town?’

9. Why do you think Barani criticised Sultan Muhammad Tughluq?

10. Describe the ways in which the chieftains arranged for their defence, according to Ibn Battuta?

11. Write a short note about Alauddin Khalji.

12. Write about Muhammad Tughluq.

13. Which ruler first established his or her capital in Delhi?

14. What was the language of administration under the Delhi Sultans?

15. In whose reign did the Sultanate reach its farthest extent?

16. From which country did Ibn Battuta travel to India?

17. According to the “circle of justice”, why was it important for military commanders to keep the interests of the peasantry in mind?

18. What is meant by the “internal” and “external” frontiers of the Sultanate?

19. What were the steps taken to ensure that muqtis performed their duties? Why do you think they may have wanted to defy the orders of the Sultans?

20. What was the impact of the Mongol invasions on the Delhi Sultanate?

21. Why were the Delhi Sultans interested in cutting down forests? Does deforestation occur for the same reasons today?

22. Where did Muhammad Tughlaq built Begumpuri mosque?
(a) Agra
(b) Delhi
(c) Hastinapur
(d) Patna


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