Puppy and I Poem for Class 3 Kids

Puppy and I poem for Class 3 has been provided here for your reference. The poem is about a small boy who meets and talks to a man, a horse and a puppy. Both the man and horse refuse to accompany him, finally, it is the puppy who agrees to go and play along with him and they become good friends.

Standard 3 CBSE poems are designed in such a way that helps young readers to relate to the emotions and rhythm of the topic. Children usually love reciting poems which are fun and interesting to read. English poems for Class 3 make for an interesting read and captivate the interest of little ones with alluring topics of interest. Read the poem Puppy and I followed by the summary of the poem.

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Puppy and I Poem

Puppy and I Poem Summary

The Puppy and I poem composed by the poet A.A. Milne is a beautiful piece of writing, which expresses the encounter of a young boy with a man, a horse and a puppy while walking one fine day. 

At first, he inquires of the man where he is going and the latter responds that he is off to the village to buy some bread. The boy asks him if he would accompany him, but the man rejects his request. 

Thereafter, the young lad requests the same to a horse which denies his request too stating that it is going to the village to get some hay. Finally, the boy meets a puppy which accepts his request and accompanies him to go up the hills to roll and play with him and they become good friends forever. 

English Poems for standard 3 are fun and amusing to read and breath in life to ordinary words when used properly. Poems make the language more lively as poets are able to express their views and/or memories about the topic. 

The CBSE English curriculum includes the Puppy and I poem Class 3. You can explore more such attention-grabbing English Poems for Class 3 kids for a rich learning experience and making them more aware of the writing styles of poets.

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