Good Morning Poem

English is a very interesting subject which has an immense collection of poems. These poems cover a huge variety of topics on animals, mountains, plants, rivers, emotions and feelings, etc. 

Poets write poems with the intent of conveying their emotions and feelings on a certain topic and expressing their mindset in simple terms. By doing so, they view the world from a child’s perspective which is a mixed bag combination of pure emotions, innocence and simplicity. 

The Good Morning poem for Class 3 CBSE students is written with an intent to express a kid’s mindset about the morning – the beginning of a new day.

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Good Morning Poem

Good Morning Poem Summary:-

“Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning.” 

The above quote by Brian Tracy implies that you should set your objectives or goals in such a manner which push you to jump out of bed every morning. This indicates that you should always start your day with a grateful and generous heart in the morning. 

Morning is the best time of the day when the mind is fresh and more receptive to new ideas. Likewise, the above Good Morning poem in English also indicates that it is during the early morning when the sky is bright with sunshine, a light breeze is blowing where birds are chirping, bees are buzzing and trees and grass are fresh and green. 

The Good Morning poem Class 3 then goes on to say that every morning is the dawn of a new day when a child wakes up with fresh hope of enjoying the day and ready to go out and play.

Although the above poem is for young learners, it was written with the intent that every person should welcome the morning which is the advent of a fresh new beginning. The Good Morning poem which is listed in the CBSE English curriculum of Class 3 contains deep lessons in its simple lines. English Poems for Class 3 are truly very enjoyable and engaging. 

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