Bird Talk Poem for Class 3 in English

Today we will be discussing a very fascinating poem i.e. Bird Talk Poem for Class 3 CBSE. We will also have a look at its summary in the later part.  

Children studying in Class 3 get acquainted with such a varied collection of amazing poems, which arouses interest among them to learn more and gain knowledge. The Poem Bird Talk Class 3 is one such poem wherein two birds are in a conversation with each other about their capabilities. Given below is the poem Bird Talk followed by its detailed summary. You can also download this Class 3 poem as PDF through the link provided below.

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Bird Talk Poem

Bird Talk Poem Class 3 Summary:-

There are lots of ways in which birds communicate with each other. They either sing, talk, dance, cuddle or fight with each other. The CBSE English poem – Bird Talk is basically a conversation between two birds sitting in a garden wherein they are discussing how they differ from human beings. 

They boast of the fact that they have feathers which humans do not possess. Besides, they also mention that they have wings and like sitting on wires and things which humans are incapable of doing. 

Having said that, they feel that they enjoy more freedom than human beings as they can fly away with their wings to any place they want to.

The Bird Talk Poem Class 3 is for young kids that is included in the CBSE English curriculum for Standard 3. You can check out English poems for Class 3 for more such amazing rhymes for children. For each of the poems, we offer an elaborate summary along with a downloadable colourful PDF of the poem. 

English poems for Class 3 always make for an interesting read. There are various poems for kids which are based on plants, birds, animals, people and their conversations. These poems for primary classes like Standard 3 give kids a chance to create their own perception about the topic and increase their linguistic skills at the same time. 

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