Little by Little Poem Class 3 in English for Kids


Here, we bring to you Little by Little poem for Class 3 in English. The poem is enlisted as one of the lessons in CBSE English Class 3 textbook. Class 3 English poems are very interesting to read and arouse a keen interest and curiosity among the kids to learn more. 

The Little by Little poem is about an acorn in which it expresses how the leaves of the oak tree appear and the slender branches spread across far and wide until the mighty oak tree becomes the pride of the forest.

Given below is the poem Little by Little followed by its detailed summary that will aid students in getting a better understanding of the poem. You can also download the poem in a colourful PDF format and let your kid read it anytime, anywhere.

Download Little by Little Poem PDF for Free

Here is the CBSE poem Little by Little for Class 3 kids:

Little by Little Poem

Little by Little Poem Summary:

In the Little by Little poem summary, it describes how an acorn improves and enhances itself over the years as it lies buried deep underneath the earth. A root of the plant grows downwards. Simultaneously, a tiny shoot of the plant appears above the ground and thereafter the leaves appear on it. 

Soon after that, the slender branches of the tree spread across everywhere. In due course of time, the acorn grows into a mighty oak tree. Similarly, just as an acorn symbolizes strength and potential; every child wants to grow up one fine day as a wise and intelligent individual just like the mighty oak tree.

Poems are a way to express oneself entirely while being very concise. Poems leave a room for imagination and creativity in the reader’s mind. People of all ages read, recite and enjoy poems. 

In Class 3, there are a huge variety of poems for kids that are pretty absorbing in nature and captivate the interest of the little ones to explore more and learn new things. The Little by Little poem Class 3 is included in the CBSE English curriculum. For more such interesting English poems for Class 3 students, refer to the linked article where we are offering all the poems of Class 3 CBSE English along with their accurate and simple summaries. 

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