Trains Poem in English

Poems are important for kids as they enhance their spoken and written English, as well as their reading and discerning skills. Poems are written with the intent of expressing emotions and grabbing the attention of the readers. Young kids often cherish reading poems as they get an opportunity to learn a world of things and can relate to the emotions conveyed through poetry. Children usually enjoy listening and reciting poems for elocution during school functions or events. 

The Class 3 poem Trains is about a railway wagon with many compartments conjoined to each other. Trains carry passengers through day and darkness and reach them to their respective destinations.

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Trains Poem

Trains Poem Summary:

The Trains poem composed by James S. Tippett is a beautiful piece in which the poet expresses the usefulness of trains in our lives. A train is a railway wagon with multiple bogies which is moved by a locomotive engine that carries many passengers, mail and cargo from one place to another. It carries thousands of freight cars while rushing through the railway tracks from dawn to dusk and helps passengers in reaching their destination while crossing many mountains, plains and rivers. 

The Trains poem Class 3 is included in the CBSE English curriculum. You may explore other CBSE Class 3 English poems for your little one here.

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