Sea Song Poem

Reading and writing poems help generate fresh ideas and dramatically shape the way we perceive our thoughts and emotions. English poems of Class 3 are composed in a very simple manner which instills an eagerness among kids to learn new things with interest and curiosity. These poems are cherished by both kids and adults and impart values and ethics in the little ones. 

The Sea Song poem is about a young boy who found a shell on the seashore and he heard a soft and sweet song coming from it.

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Sea Song Poem

Sea Song Poem Summary:

In the Sea Song poem, it describes how a young lad found a sea shell on the shore which was lying there wrapped in the sand. He picked it up and took it home. Upon reaching home, his mother held it close to his ear and slowly he could hear a soft and sweet song clearly coming from the shell.

He was initially astonished but gradually the song mesmerised him and he enjoyed every bit of it. He concludes saying that he wishes everyone should find a nice big shell and listen to it properly to hear the beautiful song coming from it and have a wonderful experience.

The Sea Song poem Class 3 is listed in the CBSE English curriculum. You can check English Poems for Class 3 here and more such awesome poems for Class 3 students.

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