Operation Vanilla

Cyclone Diane is a tropical cyclone that originated from the northwest coast of Mauritius. The cyclone hit Madagascar in 2020 and caused heavy flooding and landslides. This affected more than ninety-two thousand people and resulted in the loss of lives and displacement. After the cyclone hit the country, the president, Andry Rajoelina, reached out to the international community to lend a helping hand and provide the country with resources with any possible measure. India launched Operation Vanilla to help Madagascar.

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Indian Navy’s Operation Vanilla – An Overview

The Indian Navy launched Operation Vanilla to help provide the country assistance and the help they required. While the Navy Ship Airavat was on a mission deployed to the Southern Indian Ocean, they diverted to Antsiranana at the request of Madagascar. The ship is to take responsibility as a part of the Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief which will be a part of Operation Vanilla. ‘Operation Vanilla’ was named after the crop that is produced extensively in Madagascar; this region is responsible for producing eighty percent of the vanilla in the world.

The ship has enough resources with onboard storage. They can provide them with clothing, emergency goods, shelter, medical assistance, and also evacuate using the four large and two medium-sized boats. India has provided aid to Madagascar to adhere to the initiative that was implemented by the country called SAGAR, which stands for Security and Growth for all in the region.

National initiative related to Operation Vanilla: SAGAR Initiative

SAGAR represents India’s vision for the Indian Ocean Region and enhances its security. This initiative was launched in 2015 as India’s vision for the Indian Ocean. This was introduced to develop a blue economy in the Indian Ocean region by linking maritime security, assistance, and economic development.

Through this initiative, India has been able to expand its partnerships with Asia and Africa through its bilateral cooperation mechanism with Mauritius, Maldives and Seychelles. There are a few challenges like illegal fishing, illegal migration, smuggling and more.

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Operation vanilla UPSC

Operation Vanilla is a significant topic of Current Affairs as it is related to SAGAR. SAGAR is a short form for Security and Growth for all in the regions. India is working with France to develop an economic and strategic partnership. This partnership involves Madagascar and reunion islands-Comoros to balance the influence of China in that part of the Indian Ocean.

As we know, the Indian Ocean is an integral part of the current geopolitics. China has been influencing a big part of the Indian Ocean, and hence India is engaging in these activities to enhance its security and presence.

Moreover, India also wants to act as the first responder in the Indian Ocean Region for disaster management. Operation Vanilla has been a part of the UPSC Exam as it holds an important place in the case of SAGAR.

The news about Operation Vanilla

INS Airavat, which was already deployed on a mission, made a change and headed to help cyclone hit Madagascar for assistance. The operation was launched on January 28th, and the INS Airavat reached on 30th with the resources. The naval ship was set to carry clothes, medicines, food, blankets, etc., and handed it over to the authorities.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Operation Vanilla


Which Indian Navy Ship was sent to carry out Operation Vanilla?

Indian Navy Ship Airavat was sent to carry out Operation Vanilla. It was launched on January 28th with resources to help Madagascar.


Which government scheme was involved in Operation Vanilla?

The Security and Growth for all in the Region (SAGAR) scheme was a part of Operation Vanilla. The SAGAR initiative intends to improve the security of nations in the Indian Ocean region.


What is Operation Vanilla?

Operation Vanilla was an operation undertaken by the Indian government to help Madagascar, which was badly hit by a cyclone. The Indian government sent INS Airavat carrying resources to help.


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