Sustainable Access to Markets and Resources for Innovative Delivery of Healthcare (SAMRIDH) Initiative 2022

SAMRIDH stands for Sustainable Access to Markets and Resources for Innovative Delivery of Healthcare. It aims to improve access to affordable and quality healthcare for vulnerable populations in tier-2 and tier-3 cities, and tribal and rural regions. It will help in strengthening India’s health systems with sustainable business solutions and innovations. 

Why in the News?

In February 2022, Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), NITI Aayog, and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) declared a new partnership under the SAMRIDH initiative. This collaboration will make use of innovative financing solutions to channelise greater investment towards improving healthcare services for the most vulnerable populations. in India.

Since the SAMRIDH initiative has been in the news recently, it is important for the current affairs section of various competitive exams and the Mains and Essay part of the IAS exam.

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SAMRIDH Blended finance Facility

  • In 2020, IPE Global, USAID and stakeholders from the Indian government, academia, and the private sector set up the innovative SAMRIDH blended finance facility. 
  • The aim of the facility is to combine public and philanthropic funds with commercial capital to create and rapidly scale market-based health solutions.
  • Blended financing facilities have the ability to redefine development finance by enabling partnerships that can give access to greater pools of affordable capital for scaling-up businesses that deliver both financial and social returns.
United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

  • It is an international development agency, which carries out US foreign policy objectives by: 
    • Promoting Global Health
    • Supporting Global Stability
    • Providing Humanitarian Assistance
    • Catalyzing Innovation and Partnership
    • Empowering Women and Girls 
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Aim of the SAMRIDH Initiative

  • The initiative will further enhance SAMRIDH’s efforts to reach vulnerable populations, by making use of AIM’s expertise in innovation and entrepreneurship. 
  • AIM and SAMRIDH will utilize philanthropic capital, and public sector resources to offset barriers for commercial investments in small and medium health enterprises to invest in.
  • The collaboration will focus on innovations across the healthcare landscape with the aim to establish an effective response to the ongoing third wave of COVID-19 and build health system preparedness for future health emergencies.
  • The initiative will provide both financial and technical support to enterprises that come up with unique propositions to address complex healthcare challenges. 
  • The partnership with AIM, NITI Aayog will give a boost to SAMRIDH’s efforts to scale sustainable healthcare models and show innovative financing mechanisms to improve the quality of spending in the healthcare sector.
Atal Innovation Mission (AIM)

  • It was set up by the NITI Aayog in 2016.
  • Aim: To promote innovation and entrepreneurship at school, research institutions, university, MSME and industry levels in India.
  • Atal Tinkering Labs (ATLs) are part of the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM). ATLs are state-of-the-art space established in a school, which aims to foster curiosity and innovation in students from grade 6th to 12th through new innovative tools and technologies such as:
    •  Internet of Things
    •  3D printing
    •  Rapid prototyping tools
    •  Robotics
    •  Miniaturized electronics 
    •  Do-it-yourself kits etc.

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Benefits of the SAMRIDH Initiative

  • The initiative will accelerate the rate of reform in the healthcare sector.
  • It will help in increasing investments in the healthcare sector.
  • Ensure that all have access to affordable and quality healthcare services. 
  • It will give a boost to healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship using innovative financing opportunities like blended finance.
  • It will enable increased private capital flows to fill the current financing gap in the health sector.

Atal Innovation Mission and SAMRIDH Healthcare Blended Finance Facility Issue a Call for Proposals

  • The AIM and SAMRIDH healthcare blended  finance facility has issued a call for proposals, which will focus on seeking solutions from innovators and entrepreneurs on a range of topics including:
    •  Solutions to strengthen the healthcare infrastructure
    •  Improve diagnostic products and services
    •  Build the capacity of healthcare workers
    • Strategies for communication and behaviour change
  • It will also focus on mental health solutions, with an emphasis on support for healthcare providers and patients recovering from adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Start-up Accelerators of MeitY for product Innovation, Development and growth (SAMRIDH)

  • Launched by the Ministry of Electronics & IT in August 2021.
  • Aim: 
    • It aims to create a conducive platform for Indian Software Product start-ups to enhance their products and secure investments for scaling their business.
    • to further the Indian start-up growth
  • Implementation: The programme is being implemented by MeitY Start-up Hub (MSH).
  • The programme will focus:
    • on accelerating the 300 start-ups by providing customer connect
    • investor connect, and
    • international immersion in the next three years. 
  • An investment of up to Rs 40 lakh will be given to the start-up based on current valuation and growth stage of the Start-Up through selected accelerators.
  • It will also facilitate equal matching investment by the accelerator/investor. 
  • Fact: India has seen the emergence of 63 Unicorns in recent years and is now the third-largest Unicorn hub globally with a total valuation of 168 Bn USD.

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